Where Will the King Conquer Next?

Our favorite time of year is back! In a few weeks, LeBron James will hold all of us hostage as we glue ourselves to the internet and social media awaiting the King’s decision on where he’ll take his talents next season.

James has until June 29 to decide whether he will remain on the Cleveland Cavaliers or if he’ll be calling a different city home. Every team will be interested to some degree in adding the King to their roster, but only certain teams make sense.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are built with young talent and play in the second largest sports market in the country. With young players like Lonzo Ball, Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram, LeBron would be the perfect compliment to help their careers take off. Lonzo has the vision, Randle has the muscle, and Ingram has the range. Add LeBron to that mix and this team will become the playoff contender that LaVar Ball envisioned. The Lakers also have the money to sign two max contracts, which means LeBron and another superstar such as Paul George could end up in L.A.

Philadelphia 76ers

Trust the process, they said. It will work, they said. LeBron may want to re-think those words before considering the City of Brotherly Love. With players such as Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, it seems like a good fit. However, I feel like the stars on Philly possess large egos that LeBron will not want to deal with. While the big three they would create would be monstrous, they may not be able to put their egos aside to do so.

Miami Heat

Could a return to South Beach actually happen? LeBron James once said that he would love to play with his best friends, and Miami would be an ideal spot for that to happen. Dwayne Wade is a free agent coming this year, but the two will obviously speak about what their next move is. This time, James and Wade will have a younger and better version of Chris Bosh, and his name is Hassan Whiteside.

Cleveland Cavaliers

There’s no place like home, right? LeBron won his rings and solidified himself as a first-ballot Hall of Famer, without question. I believe that James could stay in Cleveland and make it a potential landing spot for marquee free agents. The King could finish his career at home and potentially bring more glory to the city of Cleveland.

Personally, I do not believe teams such as Houston, Boston, or San Antonio are serious destinations for the King. Houston is dominated by James Harden and their isn’t much room for LeBron, both financially and personality wise. San Antonio and Boston are both held down by two excellent coaches, and every basketball fan knows that LeBron is the “coach” of his teams. Brad Stevens and Gregg Popovich would not appreciate that.

When all is said and done, the Akron Hammer has many options and I hope he chooses the right destination. He has the power, and he must now use it wisely.

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