Music Student’s Girlfriend Goes to Great Lengths to Keep Them Together, Ends Up Getting Sued For $350,000

From time to time, it’s nice to take a break from sports writing and give my take on an intriguing current events story. This one in particular was too good to pass up.

Before reading this, you need to know the back story. The article from The Montreal Gazette is right here. If you don’t feel like reading the entire, super long article, here’s the Cliffs Notes version: Eric Abramovitz had a crazy ex-girlfriend who wanted him to stay home with her instead of becoming a rock star (clarinetist) and forgetting about her, so she decided to pretend he didn’t get into not one, but two different programs. One of these programs admits two (that’s right two) people per year. He sued her and won $350,000, but she never showed up to court and he can’t contact her because she’s blocked him on social media.

Let’s start by getting this out there; clearly, Jennifer Lee is next-level crazy. She sent e-mails pretending to be her boyfriend to two different programs turning them both down. Then she went through the work of forging documents from both places to make Eric believe that he hadn’t been accepted. Either this kid is an idiot and can’t spot a bad forgery, or this girl went full Frank Abagnale, Jr. to make them look legit. The craziest part of this story is that the couple ended up breaking up for unrelated reasons. I would’ve assumed someone that would go to the lengths she did would rather murder this kid than see him move on. Frankly, I’m disappointed that she would let that happen. This story would have a much different ending if they were still together.

Have you ever seen Gone Girl? *SPOILER ALERT* Rosamund Pike fakes her own death and sets up her husband, Ben Affleck, as the killer. She thinks of everything and makes it so there is no way out for him. All the signs point to him being guilty, even though he clearly isn’t and she’s not even dead. Credits cards taken out in his name, crazy expenditures that she hides at his sister’s house, and diary entries about how he hits her and she’s scared for her life. She literally thought of everything. She ends up coming back to him after he makes a public plea to her, and she tells him that they’re meant to be together. Ben is obviously taken aback, but she convinces him that no other girl will ever measure up to her. Who else would take the time to do that? He realizes that not only does he need to stay with her for public perception, but that he actually wants to stay with her. That’s because she’s right, no one will ever love (or hate) him as much as she does.

Jennifer was Rosamund Pike. She not only denied this man his dream twice, but she created fake e-mails and forged official documents to do it. She loved him more than anyone and was willing to do anything for them, even if it meant him never reaching his lifelong goal. Her only goal was being his soulmate, and she was going to achieve it by any means necessary, but somehow, their relationship ultimately ended. Eric is now living his dream. He got a job in the Toronto Orchestra and worked with some of the same people he would’ve if he had accepted a position in the program she declined. So no harm, no foul. He’s just missing one thing, her.

The article didn’t mention one, and based on my 45 seconds of research, Eric still doesn’t have a serious girlfriend. Is it because no girl will ever stack up to his next level crazy Jennifer? Has any girl he’s met since put the time and effort into keeping their relationship alive? I doubt it. Jennifer hasn’t reached out yet, so it’s time for Eric to throw his hat back in the ring and try to win her back. He can start by telling her he’ll forgive the $350K he’s trying to get from her if she gives him her heart instead. With the world being the way it is right now, we could use more great love stories like the one of Eric and Jennifer. I know I’m holding out hope these two crazy kids find a way to make it work.

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