Caps Coach Barry Trotz Resigns

Fresh off a Stanley Cup season, Barry Trotz has decided to resign and step down as the Capitals head coach. This is a strange decision, and many are left wondering why he did this after many thought he would get a contract extension in Washington.

There was a clause in his contract that if the team won the cup, he would get a 2-year extension, but the two sides failed to find some common ground with the money. As a result, he is stepping down and leaving the organization. Obviously, Trotz can still sign back with the Caps, but after this little situation, my guess is the two will stay apart.

This must be devastating news to Ovi as he comes out of his Stanley Cup hangover hoping to chase down another cup next season. My guess is that the Caps new head coach will come from within the system and there’s a good chance the job will go to Todd Reirden.

What’s next for Trotz? Well, he is getting up there in age, so retirement isn’t completely​ off the table, but his next move will probably be signing with the Islanders as they try to make a pitch to Tavares to make him stay in New York. This is shocking news to the hockey world and a very strange thing to happen to an organization who just won the Stanley Cup.

More to come as we see where Trotz will land in his own Free Agency.

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