Lakers Odds To Win NBA Championship Skyrocket After Kawhi Leonard Rumors

In one of the most ridiculous moves that Vegas has ever made, they have listed the Lakers as a 7/1 favorite to win the 2019 NBA Championship.  Vegas has skyrocketed L.A.’s odds after rumors that Kawhi Leonard wanted out of San Antonio with the Lakers being his preferred landing spot.  Add that to the rumors that LeBron James is open to talking to the Lakers and potentially signing with them this off-season and there could be another “super team” in the West.

The funny part is, I have been following Vegas and the gambling world for over 10 years and I have never seen odds move like this based on rumors.  Let’s take a look at the current Los Angeles Lakers team – who finished 35-47 last season:

C – Brook Lopez  –  PF – Julius Randle  – SF – Luol Deng  – SG – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope  – PG – Lonzo Ball

Reserves:  Kyle Kuzma, Channing Frye, Isaiah Thomas, Josh Hart

This team has some nice young pieces to it don’t get me wrong, but to have just 7/1 odds to win next year’s Championship is absolutely unfathomable to me.  I would love to pull a report of who is actually putting money on the Lakers to win it all at 7/1 right now.  Do they see the future?  Are they just that stupid  that they’ll put money down on hopes and dreams that both Leonard and James go to LA?  If so, I have a bridge down the street for sale.

Now, let’s look at some good odds out there that might be worth taking now:

Celtics 7/1 odds — I am baffled that the Celtics have the same odds as the Lakers.  Boston has much better pieces to trade for Kawhi Leonard and I think they have as good a chance, if not better, to land Leonard this off-season.  They will also be getting Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back and they were 1 game away from the NBA Finals.  Grab them now at +700 because they will be closer to +300 when the summer is over.

Cavaliers 2000/1 odds — Again, maybe Vegas knows more than I do, but I think there is a chance that LeBron James stays in Cleveland this year and brings another star with him.  Let’s not forget that James is from Ohio and loves that area.  His family has some good roots there, and it isn’t easy to uproot your family and just start over…. again.  Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are both going to be on the market and if they agree to come to Cleveland, then why would LeBron leave?  $100 to win $2,000 seems like a pretty good risk to me.

These are the only two I really like right now.  I do not see any value in the West yet as the Warriors are the team to beat and there is no value at +100.

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Photo: Clutch Points


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