The Ace of the Aces Has Arrived

In 2015, the Yankees called up their number-one pitching prospect to get some work toward the end of the season. His name was Luis Severino. He pitched in 11 games with a record of 5-3 with a 2.89 ERA. The following season, Severino tanked starting in 11 games again but making 22 appearances. Severino ended with a 3-8 record with a 5.83 ERA. Questions started to float around about the 22 year old. Questions like “Why did the Yankees hold on to him for so long?”, or “Is he really worth keeping?”. The following season Severino put a few of those haters to bed coming back with a 14-6 record with a 2.98 ERA and 230 strikeouts. Not to mention Severino finished third in the Cy Young voting falling to two of the leagues best pitchers (Corey Kluber and Chris Sale). This season, Severino is now putting all of his haters to bed.

Luis Severino stands tall with an 11-2 record and a 2.24 ERA and 123 punch outs to add along with that. Severino has shut out the defending world series champs this season going all nine innings and striking out 10 Astros. The next time he saw them he went seven strong innings allowing only one run off of a home run and again, added over 10 strikeouts (11). Severino fears no team and his pitching approach shows it. Severino has challenged some of the best hitters this season and challenges them with some heat. Severino is now hitting 100 MPH at least three times a start and uses it to his advantage. As the games goes on, Sevy’s pitches just get stronger. Severino hit over 100 MPH after throwing over 100 pitches in his shutout performance against the Astros in Houston. Severino is becoming a more feared pitcher every start and the confidence manager Aaron Boone has in him only helps. Boone has no problem moving the rotation around to make sure in a crucial series, Sevy takes on the Ace of the opposing team.

This trend started last season with former manager Joe Girardi. Girardi moved the rotation around every time the Yankees played the Red Sox, to make sure it was a Sale, Severino matchup. There was much talk about Luis going into this season. Lots of writers and analysts wondering if he has what it takes to officially be the Ace of the New York Yankees. Not only has Severino shown he can be the ace, but he has shined to be the spade of the aces. Over the past offseason, Luis Severino spent most of his time with his idol and one of the games best pitchers, Pedro Martinez. Martinez saw much potential in the young fireballer and loved nothing more but to help him in his path to success. Time and time again Severino has outdone himself on the hill and Yankee fans couldn’t be happier that he wears 40 in pinstripes.

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