Machado Sweepstakes Update: Not Worth it For Boston or New York

It’s no secret that Manny Machado is a beast. It’s no surprise that he is swinging that bat the way he is, either. What would be a big surprise, however, is if the Yankees or Red Sox took a chance and traded for him. Both teams have young talent that is not worth trading away. Machado also has a history of not being the most well-liked guy in the locker room and the way both teams are playing right now, it’s not worth breaking the chemistry.

Boston Red Sox

Manny Machado to the Boston Red Sox does not make sense to me. With the young talent at third base (Rafael Devers) and with there All-Star shortstop (Xander Bogaerts), it doesn’t make sense to me to move either of them. Bogarts has been swinging that bat at par this season compared to Machado yes, however, Bogarts is a well-liked athlete for the team and city. It is also not a secret that Bogaerts knows how to hit. Bogaerts is hitting .280 this season with 12 home runs and 43 runs batted in. That is not something to just say “eh whatever”, about.

Devers has struggled a bit at third as of recent with a .241 average in the last seven games, however, he is only 21 years old. He also hit two homers this week and hit safely in 10/11 games over the past two, so his power, though inconsistent, is there. The Red Sox keeping him and letting him mold with this franchise would be the best option. To me, Devers should be on the same no-trade list as Gleybar Torres.

Machado is a Free Agent next season. Say he does not return to Boston in the offseason and they’ve now have lost out on their 21-year-old third baseman who has shown that he can hang with the big boys since day one (when he was 19 and first called up). Machado would not be worth the trade for the Sox.

New York Yankees

Anybody who thinks that Miguel Andujar or Gleybar Torres or Didi Gregorius should be moved to make room for Machado obviously doesn’t know baseball. The Yankees have the youngest team in baseball and even though Machado is young himself (25), he hasn’t been around this team and around the chemistry this team has. Chemistry is not something to take lightly; it can really help a team thrive and this Yankee team is thriving heavily off of what these three bring to the table.

Torres had a lot of hype coming into his call-up. Since day 1, Torres has been nothing short of dominant for the club and continues to go at it every game. He’s batting .290 this season with 13 long balls, putting him right in the same category as Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez as part of the new “Murderers Row.”

Miguel Andujar has been nothing less than stellar as well, with a .291 batting average and 10 homers. Andujar, Gardner, and Didi are some of the toughest outs to get in the Yankee lineup. All three of these men have proven to have solid gloves and have proven to be very key players in the lineup.

The same thing that goes for Boston, goes for New York. Say Machado doesn’t return to the Yankees in the offseason and they let go of either one of the three. Now what? It would be next to impossible to get Torres back and Andujar wouldn’t be an easy get back either. Didi wouldn’t be even available for trade if he left.

Machado will be traded come this July, but to an either one of the AL East powerhouses, I don’t think so.

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