Champagne Papi At It Again

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over. Aubrey Drake Graham has done right and killed everything once again. On June 29th at exactly 12:00 AM, music lovers were blessed with “Scorpion,” Drakes brand new album consisting of 25 songs. Drake has split the album into two categories. The first 12 songs are Hip Hop and the last 13 have a twist of R&B on them. Not only does Drake murder every single beat presented to him on the album, Drake gives us music for multiple feelings.

Feels Music

We all know that Drake is great at getting people in and out of their feels, but on this album, he really gives us some music that opens up our eyes.

Song #4 on the first half of the album: Emotionless

Drake gives us lyrics that make us say, “wow, I know people like that too.” “I know a girl who’s crying out for help but her latest caption was leave me alone,” we all know a male or female like this. Times are getting harder and some people really don’t know how to express their feelings, so they send out clues that they need someone but also don’t know how to receive the help. It’s sad but we all fight through the tough times. Drake is an artist that knows even though he is successful, he doesn’t forget about those who are in need and look to his music for help. Make no mistake, music is an escape for many and Drake is an artist that people look up too.

Drake also has a lyric in here saying, “I wasn’t hiding my son from the world, I was hiding the world from my son.” The world is a mean and nasty place and no matter who you are or where you live, the world will find a way to get you. Drake’s son is still very young and the last thing he wanted was to put him in the spotlight of negativity. DJ Khalid hasn’t had beef with anybody and is loved throughout music; it’s no issue for him to shine his son onto the world. Drake, however, is a different story. The last thing a young Graham needs to experience is the wrath of the Meek Mills or Pusha T’s of the rap game.

Song #13 on the second half of the album: March 14

“Yesterday morning was crazy. I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe. That Sh*t is in stone, sealed and signed. She not my lover like Billie Jean but the kid is mine. Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time. Sh*t, we only met two times, two times.”

Right off the bat, Drake brings us the truth. The child that Pusha warned us about is real, and the baby mama is still not Drake’s lady. People who listen to this will really take into consideration the lyric that says “Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time”. People who have kids at a young age always think “it can’t happen to me”, until it does or people don’t think its real until it happens to a celeb AKA Drake. Drake comes out about the whole song and admits to the world that he is a father and is proud of it. Drake was planning to release the REAL story of Adonis and tell it his way, before he sadly had too hear it told by Pusha T in a rather aggressive way.

Boss Music

Boss music is music you can listen to and feel good about yourself, and also motivate you to be “Back on your grind.” Drake released one of those songs as a single a few months before we got the entire summary.

Song #4 on the second half of the album: Nice For What

Murda Beatz and Champagne Papi team up to let the world know,”You gotta be, nice for what”? A lyric that says a million words. When you are striving to become the best, when you are on your grind and nobody is stopping you, what is the reason to be nice? You have to be cutthroat. This world is not going to let you get what you want for free. You either cutthroat or get your throat cut and Drake makes that very clear in this song. “Is that a real one in your reflection? without a follow, without a mention”.  When listening to this lyric really ask yourself, “Do I need to have any of that to succeed”? The answer is no.

Song #8 on the first half of the album: Mob Ties

It’s not just the lyrics, it’s not just the beat, but its also the title. You feel like a mob king or queen listening to this song. The flow and the beat go together perfectly and you can not only head bob to this song, but you can workout to it, get over anger with it or simply just enjoy it while feeling like a boss. “And I’m so tired (tired) I f*ck with the mob and I got ties (got the ties, got the ties) Knock you off to pay their tithes (oh) They want me gone but don’t know why It’s too late for all that lovey-dovey sh*t I’m your brother sh*t, all that other sh*t It’s too late for all that”. Tell em Drake: if you messed up then sorry, its way to late for you.

Song #6 on the first half of the album: I’m Upset

“50,000 on my head is disrespect”. I’m a boss, who are you to low ball me with pity money. Listening to this song will make anyone remember who the hell they are and who people need to realize who they’re dealing with. Drake comes out with another single a couple months before the “Scorpion”, itself dropped and had people bumping.

Drake doesn’t tackle and political points in his album, but in the song “Talk up” featuring Mr. Rockefeller himself (Jay-Z), a lyric does stand out in the eyes of the people. “Y’all killed X, let Zimmerman live, Shhh, s-streets is done” Drake also hits some high points when he released the song, and music video for “God’s Plan”. I think the highlight of the entire album is that the “6 God” and the “King of Pop” collaborated for a song. Unreleased Michael Jackson music is on the track with Drake in the song “Don’t Matter To Me.”

When all is said and done, Drake killed it on this album. I give it a 9.6/10.



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