Not So Sonny in the Bronx

Once again, Sonny Gray has proven to be quite the disappointment in the Bronx. June 30th came and went for the Yankees as they got manhandled by Chris Sale and the Red Sox 11-0. Not only did Gray not strike out anybody, he didn’t even last three full innings. Gray was pulled at 2.1 innings and gave up six runs including a grand slam by Rafael Devers in the first inning.

Sonny Gray didn’t just screw up yesterday; he has a 4-6 record with a 7.10 ERA in 13 starts at his home stadium. The Yankees have spoken about how they plan to improve their pitching staff but the way that Domingo German and Jonathan Losiaga have been pitching, it really just seems like the Yankees need to improve ways of getting rid of Gray. Sonny Gray was a big name on the market last season and for good reason. Gray was the ace of the Oakland A’s and when he received his ticket to the Bronx, it sounded a lot better than it looks now.

As the deadline approaches, Yankee fans everywhere know that Brian Cashman is the best of the best and will find a way to trade a couch for an Ace. Names like DeGrom, Happ, and Syndergaard have hit the market and many teams have inquired about gaining them. The Yankees have thrown their name in that hat but the price has continued to be high. The Yankees should exercise options that include letting the “Son” shine somewhere else. Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels is also up for grabs this coming July and even though another lefty in the rotation is frowned upon, it would be better than continuing the rain to fall on every Sonny start.

Cashman needs to do something about Gray before it’s too late and his value drops to a level where nobody will want him. The Yankees rotation and bullpen has been rather impressive this season, all except Gray. The New York Yankees have the chance to regain a title that, history has shown, is rightfully theirs. Sonny Gray is potentially going to be the bad spot that rots the “Big Apple.” Gray needs to go, Mr. Cashman, the clock is ticking and the Weather is getting worse.



Photo: New York Post


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