This Time, LeBron Isn’t Taking The Easy Way Out

Say what you want about LeBron. I know that most people in New England hate him, and I’m certainly no fan either. However, this time, we can’t say he took the easy way out. Maybe you’ll say he went for the money, or so he could be in LA, or some other thing that will make him look bad, but, you can’t say him signing a 4 year deal for $154M in LA is taking easy way out.

This Lakers team was not good last year. Do they have some pieces? Yes. Am I overly excited about any of them? No. The assumption is that they will be trading for Kawhi Leonard as well, but even with that roster, they don’t have the fire power to beat the Warriors or Rockets. On paper, that is. LeBron is the true X-Factor here, and he’s now putting the brunt of it on his shoulders.

Hate him all you want, but him going to the West to face all the best teams is a prove it move by him. He’s trying to prove that he’s the best ever. Not by making The Finals for 8 straight seasons in the mostly weak East, but by going through the gauntlet that is the Western Conference. His easiest path would’ve been Philadelphia. He would’ve stayed in the East, and they have some solid young players that are already growing, but he chose the tougher path in LA.

It’s a ballsy move, and I respect him for it, but not too much, it is LeBron after all.

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