Bruins Miss on Tavares but Do Make A Little Splash

Yesterday day was the start of the NHL free agency, and there was one big name who was on everyone’s radar.

John Tavares came into free agency with a list of 6 teams and he quickly made a decision after he heard all of their pitches. He didn’t wait around and try to draw the most attention to himself like the drama queen LeBron over in the NBA.

The Boston Bruins were one of the finalists in Tavares list after he cut the Islanders out of the picture. My guess is it came down to his hometown Toronto, Boston and Tampa, all in the Atlantic division. Shortly after he told the Islanders he was not returning Tavares posted a picture on Twitter. It was of him when he was a little kid in his bed sleeping. He had Toronto Maple Leaf bed sheets and in the post, he stated how not everyone gets to live their childhood dream and how he wasn’t going to pass on that opportunity. Tavares has signed a 7 year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs worth 77 million dollars.

Boston missed on their big target but they also didn’t sit there idly. They signed John Moore to a 5-year deal with an average of around 2.25 a year. Moore had a good year with the Devils and it’s looking like her will be a top 4 guy for the Bruins. The only question is who is the odd defenseman out and what are they going to do with them. Torey Krug remains the name with the most trade rumors around him since he had a stellar year. Krug’s trade stock likely won’t get any higher so it’s a matter if they can get the right return for him. Krug was one of the Bruins best players this year and he could be returning with John Moore but he also could be on the way out for a top 6 forward.

The Bruins have missed on top 6 forwards this offseason as they wait and see what Rick Nash will do. I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded Krug for a name like Jeff Skinner. There is still more to come from this spot in the roster since there is an abundance of defenseman on the Bruins roster.

The Bruins did, however, did lose back up goalie Anton Khudobin. Khudobin was great for the Bruins this year when Tuukka struggled. Doby was an animal and it could be a big loss for the Bruins except that they signed former Islander goaltender Jaroslav Halak. Halak has close to identical numbers as Doby but also played way more than him. This is a good replacement for Doby because if Rask does start to struggle Halak has proven he could do it if needed.

The Bruins still have more holes in the roster to fill and they still have some decisions to make. I’ve liked what Sweeney has done so far but there is still a major hole in the second line that needs to be addressed as the Atlantic Division will be very very competitive next year as Tavares move to Toronto.

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