Not Re-Signing Marcus Smart Would Be a Huge Mistake for the Celtics

Marcus Smart is one of those Celtics that the majority of the fan base loves, but the ones who don’t like him absolutely HATE him. Personally, I love the guy and agree with Ainge that he should be Boston’s number one priority this summer.

Smart is the definition of Celtics basketball: gritty, selfless, and hardworking. The dude will dive on the floor for a loose ball during some meaningless game in November, will never back down from a team’s best offensive player, and will always play for the name on the front of the jersey instead of the back. Plus, he has the perfect name to be said with a Boston accent, “Mahcus Smaht”.

Obviously there are flaws in Smart’s game, specifically his shooting. Smart wasn’t drafted to be a dead eye shooter, so you can’t knock him for struggling his first few years while adapting to different type of role. At Oklahoma State, he just drove to the hole and muscled through everyone instead of having to shoot threes. He probably should shoot better from behind the line considering he takes a decent amount per game, but like everything in the Celtics organization, we need to be patient.

The main reason Boston should keep Smart is because of his contagious energy. Not many players play as hard as he does and his energy definitely impacts his teammates. He is a great bench player that can immediately impact every single game he enters. Isn’t it weird that the Celtics’ worst stretch of basketball last season came when Smart was injured? It’s as if he helps the team more than he hurts them.

The only team that openly said they were interested in Smart was the Mavericks. However, this news broke before they drafted Doncic to go along side Dennis Smith, Jr. Plus, if DeAndre Jordan actually keeps his word this time, Dallas just signed him to a big contract. I’m not sure how much it’ll take for the Celtics to re-sign Smart. I don’t have any issue with giving him a four year, $50-60 million contract because he does deserve it whether you like him or not. Whether you love him or hate him, the best (smart) move would be to bring Smart back to the Garden.

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