The NFL is Sending the Wrong Message

The NFL suspending its players for disciplinary reasons is nothing new, but the recent news of Julian Edelman’s suspension being upheld is sending the wrong message not only to the players, but to the youth and everyone across the country.

I may sound like a “homer” who’s just upset Edelman got suspended but this is more than just Julian Edelman. The league doesn’t even know what was in his system that caused him to test “positive,” yet it’s an automatic 4-game suspension, same with every other PEDs violation.

I’m all for a “level playing field” but if we’re being honest, the severity of taking amino acids, creatine, protein powder and even steroids is far lesser than some of the other recent events that warranted lesser suspensions. Let’s look at case number one.

Jameis Winston recently received a 3-game suspension for sexually assaulting a women in an Uber. Mind you, this isn’t his first sexual assault incident, and if you know football, Winston clearly has a track record of misbehaving. Although Winston still may face legal issues, he was let off the hook with a slap on the hand from the NFL. Their official policy surrounding domestic and sexual abuse has a minimum 6-game suspension, and he only received half of that as a repeat offender. If it happens again, only then will the NFL consider a stiffer penalty. So only when he does it 3 or more times and scars another woman will the NFL consider a stronger penalty. Yet somehow, Edelman & other PEDs-violators have a stricter penalty than Winston. You don’t think that’s sending a certain message to the youth and other people in the league or country?

Let’s look at Reuben Foster. Foster recently received a 2-game suspension for BREAKING THE LAW. Apparently a misdemeanor drug charge and a weapons charge is a lesser offense than maybe using some kind of PEDs. Not only that, but don’t forget Foster was recently in trouble only a couple months ago for domestic violence. The NFL says they did not suspend Foster for that incident. The domestic violence charge was dropped after the woman recanted her statements, but no one knows why she did. Yet still no penalty for Foster on that. You think that this, too, isn’t sending a certain message to people?

A substance abuse suspension is only two games. Doing drugs will only get you two games. Breaking the law violating or physically harming a woman, you’ll only get a couple games. Sexually assaulting women is only a 3-game suspension for a repeat offender. But don’t you dare apparently take PEDs, otherwise, your penalty is stiffer.

This is ass backwards.

This is sending the wrong message.

This is only showing kids and other people that your main concern should be not to take or get caught using PEDs. Apparently, being a man and treating women with respect and following the United States law only comes second to making sure you don’t get caught with PEDs, when it should be the other way around.

Not only has the NFL become a joke lately, but they are sending the wrong messages consistently with their “disciplinary” actions.

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