Where Does Carmelo Go Now?

Today, news broke that Carmelo Anthony and the Thunder plan to part ways sometime this summer. In other words, the Thunder probably told Melo he wasn’t going to play a lot this season or that he wasn’t needed, because Melo could’ve stayed and still been paid millions of dollars to do little to nothing. However, Melo opted into his player option earlier this summer, so OKC either has to trade him or buy his contract out for nearly $28 million.

Absolutely nobody should be shocked if his contract gets bought out because trading for Melo at this point is going to be very hard if you want anything in return. If I had to guess, Carmelo Anthony will be a Golden State Warrior by this upcoming season. Nobody is going to want to sign the declining 16 year vet to any deal involving serious money, and Melo wants to win a ring.

Melo is already one of the most decorated basketball players in the entire sport. The guy is a 10x all star, 6x All-NBA, four time Olympic Medalist (3 of them gold), 2003 NCAA National Champion, won the scoring title in 2012. The only thing missing off this resumé is an NBA championship…insert the Warriors.

Melo’s career is on a steep decline and he won’t be serving any serious role on a team for the rest of his career. I said this when the Thunder signed him, but here I am saying it again. All Carmelo has to do is be a spot up shooter and that is literally it. Let’s be real, this Warriors team would win a gold medal if you put them in the Olympics, so why can’t Melo just do the exact same thing he did when he was on previous Olympic teams. All he has to do is come off the bench and provide some offense. The Warriors already have an incredibly defense with KD, Klay, Draymond, Boogie, Jordan Bell, and I would even throw Steph in there, so Melo’s terrible D can hide in his teammates excellent defense. This would be the best place for Melo to go at this point of his career if he wants to win a ring.

However, another team that could give Melo a little more money and possibly even beat the Warriors is the Houston Rockets. He is already very good friends with Chris Paul as they are two members of the infamous banana boat picture. (Okay he wasn’t IN the picture, but his family was there too)

Melo would also have a much bigger role here than in Golden State as he would most likely be a starter in Houston. Luckily he wants to actually still play basketball and be a starter so this could be his preferred destination. Obviously if he is strictly ring chasing, it will be much safer to sign with Golden State, but who knows maybe Houston can pull off a miracle.

The final team I could see Melo signing with is the Lakers to join his other banana boat pal LeBron. This move would not help the Lakers in the slightest bit and in fact could even hurt them, so I’m all for it.

Melo’s career is ending so terribly that people are forgetting how good he used to be. Throwback to Denver Melo and even early New York Melo with Stoudemeire. What he should do is bring back the corn rows and remind people of that fun and likable Carmelo. Honestly though, good for him. He secured the bag and is putting himself in a situation to get the one thing his career is missing, a NBA championship.


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