Arizona Cardinals GM Cited for a DUI, Penalty Most Likely Won’t be as Stiff as PED Violators

It recently broke that the Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim was arrested for a DUI after a heavy night of partying to celebrate America’s birthday on July 4th. Since Keim isn’t a player, it’s hard to tell what the exact details of his punishment will be, but there are a few guarantees. The first guarantee is that he will most likely be fined and suspended, and the second guarantee is that his suspension will most likely be less than recent PED violators.

When Keim entered his car while intoxicated and began to drive, he immediately put both his and other people’s lives at risk. Luckily, nothing severe happened from the incident, but according to past incidents that are similar to his, the suspension he faces will most likely be less than PED violators.

According to Mike Florio, recent incidents suggest what kind of penalty Keim will face. The first incident he outlines is one that involved the Lions CEO Tom Lewand. “In 2010, the league suspended former Lions CEO Tom Lewand for 30 days, with a reduction to 21. The NFL also fined Lewand $100,000.” Going off the reduction to 21 games, that would be equivalent to a three game suspension for a player.

However, suspensions could be more severe. Florio also pointed out another incident where Colts owner, Jim Irsay, received a six game suspension for driving while impaired and received a $500,000 fine. That, of course, would be greater than the mandatory four game suspension for PEDs.

No one really knows what the punishment will be for Keim, but if we base it off recent trends in NFL disciplinary actions, the more severe the incident, the lesser of a penalty you get. Hopefully it isn’t the case with this situation. For once, Mr. Goodell, do the right thing.

Picture: Tom Tingle/AZCentral Sports


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