Blake Snell Not Making the All-Star Team is Garbage

July 8th was a day of anticipation for many as we would finally find out who would take part in the all-star game for both the AL and the NL. For the most part, I’m okay with how it turned out. There is one person, however, who got absolutely snubbed from the all-star team and that is Blake Snell.

Snell has quietly been one of the most dominant pitchers this year not only in the American League, but all of baseball. Perhaps he didn’t make it because he plays for the Rays and nobody really knows about him unless you follow baseball closely, but the numbers speak for themselves.

For starters, he is tied for 2nd in the AL in wins with 12. Only Luis Severino has more with 14. If you have 12 wins while playing for the rays this year, you’re pretty damn good. He’s tied for 3rd with Gerrit Cole in opponents batting average at .183. That better than Luis Severino by the way and Severino has a legitimate chance at starting the all-star game.

Here’s the stat that’s so overwhelming that it seemingly got overlooked by voters. HE HAS THE LOWEST ERA IN ALL OF THE AMERICAN LEAGUE. Yes, I put that in all caps so you could read that correctly. He currently has the lowest ERA in the AL at 2.09. Not only is it the best in the AL but it’s good enough for 2nd IN ALL OF BASEBALL. He trails only Jacob DeGrom in that category. Despite trailing DeGrom in ERA, he’s allowed 10 fewer hits while pitching 2/3 of an inning more. If you know how dominant DeGrom has been this season then you know that’s a stat to be proud of if you’re Blake Snell.

Blake Snell not being voted into the All-Star Game is not only a mistake by the voters, but it’s straight disrespectful. He’s clearly one of the best pitchers in baseball this year.

Photo: Blake Snell


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