NFL Player Pacman Jones Attacked in Airport, Shows Off Boxing Skills

Former Pro Bowl cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones might want to consider a career in boxing after today’s events at an airport in Atlanta.

In an article written by the Associated Press , the confrontation apparently started after the airport employee, Frank Ragin, made a gesture towards Jones. It is also stated that before they threw hands, they exchanged some words.

The airport employee then went after Pacman, hitting him in the face, and it was at that moment that the airport employee knew he had messed up. It wasn’t long after the first punch that the employee was knocked out on the ground. Apparently he was hurt so badly that they needed to take his mugshot from his hospital bed. Here’s a picture of Adam Jones winding up before the knockout blow.

Ragin is being arrested and charged with two counts of battery after he leaves the hospital. He is unlikely to pursue a career as a ghost in the Pacman game after this encounter.

I just have one question; what made this guy think that going after an NFL player was a good idea? I suppose some people just aren’t that smart.

Picture: Daily Snark


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