Markieff Morris is the Perfect Missing Piece for the Celtics

Okay yeah, you may have read this headline and thought “What is this guy thinking?!” but hear me out. Markieff Morris could actually help this team a ton. Before Marcus Morris came to Boston, Markieff was considered the better of the two twins. Imagine Brad Stevens having control of both Morris twins? That would be deadly.

So just how could Markieff help the Celtics? Well, look at basically everything Marcus Morris did this season and now picture two of those players on the court together. Markieff brings raw aggression and toughness unlike most big men in the NBA have anymore. The Celtics aren’t looking for any big name free agents this offseason considering what their team looks like now, so why not build a strong bench. The Morris twins already said that they want to play together again. Yeah, it didn’t really work out in Phoenix, but I’m just going to blame that on the Suns being incompetent. Under Brad Stevens, the Morris twins could work perfectly.

Imagine the Celtics bench if Markieff somehow signs with Boston. It’ll be the Morris twins, Terry, Smart, Ojeleye and to me that’s the last bench lineup I’d want to see if I were an opponent. That group literally likes fighting way more than they like basketball. Every single one of them are willing to drop the gloves in a heartbeat. We already saw Terry go after Embiid and the entire Cavs team, Smart tries to fight everybody, and Ojeleye is built like an action figure who goes to the gym and lifts all of the weight. Not to mention the Morris twins fought the entire Kansas football team while at school (true story look it up), have got into countless of fights growing up, and even had a run in or two with the law. Their mom even said before he playoffs that she didn’t want the Wizards and Celtics to play because she was afraid her sons were going to fight each other on the court. I need this bench more than I need air to breathe.

Just imagine Brad sending not one Morris, but two into the game at the same time. Big guys must already hate to play one of them to begin with (just ask Tristan Thompson) so imagine what they’ll feel once they check in together.

Marcus is having a great shooting game but is in foul trouble? No problem, him and Markieff just switch jerseys. One twin goes down with an injury? Here comes the exact same player coming in. Someone tries a cheap shot? Morris twins.

The only question would be who to cut and all signs would point towards Yabu. I guess we could always send him up to Maine for the G-League but I don’t know how the cap will all work out. Luckily the twins share one bank account and even said they don’t care too much about who gets more money because it’s all going to the same place anyways. Maybe we can sign him to a Demarcus Cousins type deal. This team already has plenty of talent to begin with, so give me all of the players willing to fight at the drop of a hat. It’s almost too perfect to believe.

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