Dude Calls the Police over a Foul in a Pick-Up Basketball Game… Yup.

(Photo credit to @_togs on Twitter)

What an insane move to pull here. I mean yeah, normally pick up is just call your own fouls, but calling the police over a foul is an all-time move. I don’t think in the history of basketball, police, or phone calls has there ever had to be any reason for the police to come over a foul call.

This dude better have gotten like stabbed or something because if the police came because of a slap on the arm after a drive to the hoop, then why did they even bother showing up? Just imagine the phone call:

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“Hi, I‘d like the police to come to the basketball courts as soon as possible.”

“Are you okay sir?”

“Nah, Tim fouled me during a pickup game and nobody is calling it. Send backup.”

“Sir that’s not really an emergen—“

*phone hangs up*

Something tells me that nobody should be surprised about this guy calling the cops. Could it be the fact that he’s wearing not one but TWO shooting sleeves? How about the upside down Nike headband like how Rondo used to wear it? Could it be the two ankle braces? The cops had to have pulled up and just know that they found their guy before he even said anything to him.

I have played a lot of pick up basketball in my day (sick brag) and I never once in my life thought that this would ever happen. Yeah, most people take it way too seriously and are “one tryout away from making an NBA team,” but this move will forever be the funniest thing that could ever happen in a pickup game. I guess the no-call was an “aggressive” screen and our “hero” fell over. Safe to assume he was playing terribly and flopped because I have seen this story one too many times. This guy’s face even perfectly captures everyone’s initial reaction when hearing this story.

Maybe it wasn’t the double shooting sleeved phenom who called the cops, but even if that’s the case, I will forever put all of the blame on him. See you in court, pal.

🚨🚨🚨 PLOT TWIST 🚨🚨🚨

Okay, so I wrote this on the way to work this morning at like 7:30 am. I got the story sort of wrong, but I’m not going to restart this whole thing. A video came out this afternoon recapping the whole situation.

So it turns out this guy right here…

…was the guy who called the cops. Will I apologize to arm sleeves? Nope, absolutely not because nobody should be wearing all of those accessories over the age of 8 years old.

The cop was genuinely confused on why he had to show up. I’m sure he missed the day where they taught you “what to do if you get called in for a pickup game” at the police academy because the guy’s mind was in an absolute pretzel. Plus, the guy who called the cops was grilling him the whole time during their conversation to the point I can feel the awkwardness in the air through my phone screen.

I did not expect for this whole saga to be such a thrilling one, but here I am at 2 in the afternoon and it is all I have been thinking about all day. I’m begging for there to be a part 3 to this story. Not even that, I just want to hear from the guy who called the police. I can’t wait for the 30 for 30 on this whole thing. I can see it now: “From the basketball court to federal court a 30 for 30 by ESPN.”


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