Nothing To See Here, Definitely Not A Sexist Tweet From Patrick Chung

Hey everybody, please, please, please do not read this tweet by New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung. He’s a lovable, stand up guy and he would never tweet anything misogynistic about women — especially those who work to help others who are sick or in pain. I repeat, there is nothing to see here!

Ahh shit. It appears as though Chung did, indeed, post something with some relatively sexist undertones, but you know what? I’ve figured it out. Good old Patty was probably just watching some pornography and happened to stumble upon a doctor/nurse role play video (not that I’m familiar with such a premise). You know, a classic busty woman who clearly has not received her medical degree because she doesn’t know how to properly operate a stethoscope? It’s a common theme. At least, I would imagine that it’s a common theme, because I’ve never been to one of those websites.

So, can we really blame Patrick Chung for this one? He’s obviously aware of the fact that women are just as, if not more capable than men in a medical setting (and any other setting). But sometimes you get caught up in your favorite adult film website (not that I ever have, I’m just assuming), and you can’t help but compliment the way the actors and actresses look in their outfits. That’s all… right?

P.S. It wouldn’t shock me to see Goodell hand out a four game suspension over this. Rat bastard.

UPDATE: See? Just like I thought. Just some innocent thoughts spilling out onto Twitter.

Photo: NESN


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