If You Could Change The Outcome of One Game, What Would It Be?

As a fan, there are always those games that stick with you. The Buckner play, the Tyree catch, the baby skyhook, and Bucky *Bleeping* Dent are some great examples. If you had the ability to go back and change the outcome of one of those games, which one would you choose?

This is the question that Pat, and, really, the only other person qualified, his dad Gerry, take on in this week’s episode of the Weekend Warrior Podcast. Not only did they decide to take one game, they chose 9 each, in the form of a snake draft. Take a listen, and let them know who took the events you’d most like to change.

The episode is available on iTunes and online on BlogTalkRadio

Also, make sure to vote on who took the events you’d most like to change on Twitter

Photo: Neon Tommy


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