Stop Me if you Heard this Before, but Isaiah Thomas is Talking About the Celtics…Again

I wrote my fair share of Isaiah Thomas blogs in the past, and I thought that months later, I wouldn’t have to talk about him anymore. Turns out I was wrong, because here I am listening to I.T. give us the same old story yet again.

Yesterday, an article from Woj came out about Thomas during free agency explaining all of the behind the scenes work that happened before he signed a one year deal with the Denver Nuggets. None of this should have involved the Celtics at all, but shocker, Thomas had to bring up the Celtics for the hundredth time.

I swear, the only thing making I.T. relevant at all is the fact that he was traded. Dude, everyone gets traded. The NBA is a business. Teams try to make themselves better and although it’s going to knock Thomas’ ginormous ego down a few notches, he just simply is not a top 25 player in the league. Yes, he had a fantastic season with the Celtics that one year, but that was just offensively. He is a defensive liability and an egomaniac that needs to be “the man.” I’m getting tired of the whole “I was the 60th pick nobody believes in me” schtick he continues to preach, because he has had a multiple year career in the NBA. People obviously believe in you, so just shut up and play basketball.

That brings us to Woj’s article. Thomas leads off the article with this quote:

“If I didn’t play in the playoffs, I’d be OK,” Thomas says. “I’d be getting paid. I’d be who I am — who I was. But you couldn’t tell me in that moment in time — with everything I was going through — that, OK, I should just sit out. I don’t think Boston went about it the right way as well.”

I have said this once and I will say it another million times; nobody ever forced Isaiah Thomas to play in the playoffs. No one expected him to play after his sister died, no one expected him to play after his tooth got knocked out, and absolutely no one was angry at him when he called it a season due to his hip. The fact that he continues to bring up how Boston screwed him over is laughable. It has been over a year and Boston is still on his mind every single day. I understand the fact that he wanted to continue playing after his sister’s death to distract him from its reality, but if that was his choice, then he shouldn’t blame the Celtics.

Later in the article, Thomas had this to say now about the Celtics:

Before finalizing the agreement with Denver, Thomas had reached out to Boston GM Danny Ainge. They talked for 15 to 20 minutes, Thomas says, and he told Ainge: “If the opportunity is there, I would just like to let you know that I’d love to come back.”

“S—, I’d have gone back,” Thomas says. “I don’t hold grudges.”

I.T. has openly criticized the Celtics over the past year time and time again. It is literally the only thing keeping him in the news. Why in the world would Boston be like, “Of course Isaiah, you can come back after dragging us through the mud ever since you were traded.”? Secondly, when he said that he doesn’t hold grudges, that’s just a lie. Also, isn’t it weird that after trashing us, he wants to come back? It’s like a high school relationship with his guy. There’s a breakup, someone wants to get back with the other person after trashing them ever since they ended, and then the rejection.

I really hope this is the last time I will have to write about Isaiah Thomas for a while. I was never that big of a fan of the guy when he was a Celtic, because it was more than obvious we couldn’t build around him to contend for a championship. The fact that he tried everything in his power to expose the Celtics organization ever since leaving, only to subsequently come crawling back after he realized he isn’t the type of player he thought he was is just icing on the cake for me. Yeah, you can argue that “he brought Celtics basketball back,” but what about guys like Ainge, Stevens, Horford, and even Brown? Are we just going to ignore them? Almost everyone wants I.T. to go back to being the player he once was, but come on man, leave the Celtics out of this for once.

P.S. I am still blocked by Isaiah on Twitter so he definitely read something about me bashing him whether it be an article or some tweets. Would be a real shame if people tagged him in this and he read it again. Real shame.

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