Julio Jones Stand-Off Begins

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones isn’t too happy with his current contract and will be more than willing to sit out training camp until he gets a new one. In 2015, Julio signed a five year extension to stay with the Falcons, which was worth $71.25 million. Atlanta doesn’t seem like they want to restructure his contract because of salary cap concerns, but that may not always be the case.

Since signing the extension, Julio has played like a top five receiver; however, he has had trouble finding the end zone. He has only scored 17 touchdowns since the 2015 season, and has only reached double digits once in his career, which is just embarrassing for a guy like him if you ask me. “Oh but he’s getting double teamed almost half the time”. News flash, Julio isn’t the only receiver in the NFL who gets double teamed. Standing 6’3″ and weighing 220 lbs with elite skill and athleticism, he is supposed to be one of the most dominant receivers in the league.

Last season, Julio was targeted 19 times while in the redzone and was only able to convert two touchdowns (three total), ranking him 77th in receiving touchdowns last year. That’s not something you want from a guy who thinks sitting out training camp is his best option. Not only did Julio have a tough time getting the ball in the end zone, but he also had some trouble getting the ball in his hands, with seven dropped passes, which was good (bad?) for second in the NFL. Again, not good when you want a mega-extension.

Julio seems pretty set on a new contract, so I wouldn’t expect to see him at training camp anytime soon. The Falcons already gave Matt Ryan a five year extension worth $150 million, but he was entering his walk year, while Julio still has three years left on his deal. As I said before, either the Falcons can’t sign him right not due to cap issues, or they want to wait and see before handing out a huge contract that might regret down the road. We shall see how this plays out.

Photo: ESPN


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