When Posing as an NHL Owner Goes Wrong

The Hour –  A 37-year-old White Plains man posed as the owner of the Boston Bruins and is now facing criminal charges, according to police. Police said Jeffrey Jacobs, 37, lied about his identity to curry favor with a tree service company after a tree fell on his home on Drum Hill Road during a storm last year. The tree company’s owner, who told police he was an avid Bruins fan, was enticed to come out to the home in the middle of the storm and later billed the $5,100 job to Jeremy Jacobs, the actual owner of the Bruins.

**Date of arrest: Friday, July 20, 2018**

Talk about an attempt at the ultimate power move.

This guy tried to convince not only a tree company that he was the owner of the Boston Bruins, but he even tried a similar excuse with the Wilton Police when he was trying to get out a parking ticket back in November.

This guy clearly seems like someone who would do anything to get out of paying for anything. He was almost smart enough to do it with the tree company as the owner of the tree company is a huge Bruins’ fan.

Jeffrey is a guy we should look up to. Every one of us likes to pretend that we have more money than we actually do, but Jeffrey took the extra step by attempting to spend the fake money that he had.

What should also be noted is that this guy is technically a New Yorker. Obviously, many New Yorkers hate all things Boston, so the fact that he pretended to be the Bruins’ owner to get out of paying for work done by his house and a parking ticket is hilarious.

Jeffrey was probably like, “Why would I spend any of my money when I can pretend I am the Bruins’ owner and spend his money instead?” A true New Yorker trying to get under Boston’s skin.

Yes, things will certainly go downhill for Jeff, but at least he was willing to pull out all the stops to save a buck or two and throw it in Boston’s face.

Photo: Boston Sports Desk


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