Can We Appreciate How Good That McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Song Still Is?

There really isn’t any reason to post this other than the fact that it is still awesome and should be appreciated more. Just about a year ago, this gem came into everybody’s life and took over the internet. I was just sitting on my couch the other day and then BOOM, the song popped back in my head. There was no reason for it to come crawling back in, but it did. This could arguably be the catchiest song ever and I’ll fight whoever disagrees.

Everyone remembers where they were for this fight. For me, it was my first week or so of college, and maybe everybody on the floor was packed into this wicked small lounge. You don’t know sweaty until you’re packed in a room with like 50 other college guys. Can this guy make a song about my life? It might be like 30 seconds long because newsflash, my life isn’t as interesting as Conor McGregor.

If you’re Irish and don’t like this song, then check into the nearest insane asylum ASAP. I just imagine bars across Boston belting this song every single day for some reason. “And on the 26th of August, we’re taking over Vegas. The Irish invasion you can’t mistake us…cause when one of us goes, we all go to war.” How did McGregor lose?!? I get goosebumps listening to this and its not even about me. If I were him, I would’ve just trained to strictly this song.

(Image: MMA fighting)

Good luck getting “There’s only one Conor McGregor, and there’s no fighter better. He’s going to knock out Floyd Mayweather,” out of your head today. Not even today but for months on end. You could be the next victim of this song popping in your head out of absolute nowhere, then having to deal with it for a week straight.

Photo: LADbible


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