Ty’s Top 50 NBA Players Countdown – #43

As the NBA off-season continues, all of the big news stories and free agency signings seem to be winding down. As someone who mostly writes about the NBA here at WTP, I need to find some way to get some content out. That brings us to what absolutely nobody asked for, but you’re getting it anyways! Welcome to Ty’s Top 50 NBA Players!

Every day for the next 50 days, I am going to be counting down a list of who I believe are the top 50 players in the NBA.

(Image: SLAM Magazine)

Coming in at #43 is OKC big man, Steven Adams. Adams is really the glue that holds the Thunder together, as he is one of the most consistent players in the entire NBA. He was drafted in 2013 by the Thunder with the 12th pick and since then has averaged 8.8 PPG and 6.9 RPG. You might think those stats aren’t very impressive and that he doesn’t deserve to be #43. If that’s the case then you never watched Steven Adams play basketball.

Adams does all of the small things that don’t show up in the score book. He will be one of the first players on the floor, take an elbow to the face (or multiple Draymond Green kicks to the nuts), or constantly go body to body with anyone in the league. He has to make sure Russ Westbrook keeps his cool and has played the role of Russ’ “hold me back guy” on multiple occasions. The Thunder ask him to do the grittiest tasks every night and he answers time and time again. The dude has freakish strength and is arguably the strongest player in the entire league at 7’0” 255lbs.

In 2016, Adams and the Thunder agreed to a 4 year $100 million extension keeping him on the team until 2020. Last season, Adams put up statistically the best year of his career averaging 13.9 PPG and 9.0 RPG. Making this list, I had a feeling that this selection would cause some controversy, but whether you like it or not, Adams is a top 50 player in the NBA.

P.S. Just take a look at how much he’s changed over the years. It’s wild.

Current List:

50. Terry Rozier

49. Andre Drummond

48. Jrue Holiday

47. Tobias Harris

46. Eric Gordon

45. DeAndre Jordan

44. Clint Capela


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