Jets Growing With Hellebuyck Between the Pipes

The Winnipeg Jets were one of the league’s best teams this season and came very close to appearing in their first Stanley Cup Final.

They were one of the top five teams in terms of points, they made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals, had great offense, a solid defensive core, great special teams, and a great No. 1 goaltender that was a Vezina Trophy Finalist this past season.

Speaking of the Vezina Finalist, Jets’ main man between the pipes, Connor Hellebuyck, inked a six-year $37 million contract back on July 12. He’ll be making $6.167 million per year for a franchise that should be a Cup contender for the next several years.

Hellebuyck was outstanding this year. He had 44 wins, a 2.36 GAA, a .924 save percentage six shutouts. Not bad for someone that was supposed to split time with Steve Mason, a situation that did not pan out for the Jets.

Hellebuyck is a smooth cat between the pipes. He’s always in position for not only the first shot, but also rebound opportunities, he’s got a great glove hand, is someone who can come up with the big save when his team needs it the most, and has unbelievably quick reflexes.

The 25-year-old masked man also showed that he can play well in the postseason. In 17 games this year, he had 9 wins and posted a 2.36 GAA with a .922 save percentage and two shutouts.

It is clear that Hellebuyck will probably have a few more opportunities to carry this team to the Cup Final. They have a great offense, a solid defensive core, and with him between the pipes, they should win a ton of hockey games over the next few seasons.

With Hellebuyck locked up for the foreseeable future, the Jets’ Cup dreams continue to get closer and closer to reality.



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