Bruins Reveal Winter Classic Sweaters

The Boston Bruins revealed their new Winter Classic sweaters and they are 100 times better than the last ones.

These sweaters look kind of like the Steelers “Killer Bee” jerseys, but it has the white which makes it so much better than the Steelers jerseys. These sweaters are so simple yet so fire that they will fly off the shelves in the Garden. The Bruins also give a little tribute to the Fighting Irish by putting a shamrock patch on the shoulder, and the numbers on the back don’t look ridiculously big like the last ones.

These sweaters are a blast from the past as the Bruins give it the “Frozen in Time” video when they released it. The stripes on this sweater possibly make this one of the best that the B’s have ever played in.

I can’t wait to see the Bruins in these sweaters on January 1st in Notre Dame Stadium against Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks will announce their sweaters later tonight before their game against the Hurricanes.

*Photo: CBS Boston


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