The Future of the Green Bay Packers

It has been eight years since the Packers won Super Bowl XLV. Since then, they’ve had a 15-1 season in 2011 where they got knocked out in the first round, and two losses in the NFC Championship game in 2014 and 2016. They failed to make the playoffs last year (partially due to Aaron Rodgers being injured) and now sit at 4-4-1 this season. Amazingly, they’re only one game outside of the 6th seed in the NFC playoffs.

If the Packers fail to make the playoffs for the second consecutive year, it’s safe to say Mike McCarthy’s head coaching job is in jeopardy. Any time the ball isn’t in Aaron Rodgers or Davante Adams hands, the Packers make key mistakes.

-There was the tie against the Vikings.

-There was Ty Montgomery’s fumble that was the key in a loss against the Rams

-There was the fumble against the Patriots that was a turning point in a loss at Gillette.

-Mason Crosby has been inconsistent with his field goals.

-Not going for it on 4th down against the Seahawks.

-Most of all, Mike McCarthy’s play calling has been questionable, especially in crunch time.

The two toughest matchups remaining on the Packers schedule are at the Vikings next week, and then at the Bears Week 15. The rest of the games on the Packers schedule are must wins and games the Packers should win. Those games are against the Falcons, Cardinals, Jets, and Lions.

Hypothetically, if the Packers go 2-0 in their tough games and win the games they should win, they will finish 10-5-1. That is their best shot to make the playoffs.

However, what if it all falls apart?

If the Packers fall below .500 to finish the season, it’s highly likely Mike McCarthy is done. You have an unproven group of young players compiled with an aging defense. Your superstars are Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers. What’s next then?

Do you *ducks* go into rebuild mode? That’s not something the Packers are used to and definitely not something the 34-year-old Rodgers is looking to do when he’s playing football at an elite level right now.

If Rodgers isn’t happy, and the Packers are looking to rebuild do you *DARE I SAY IT* trade Aaron Rodgers?

If you’re still reading this, it means you haven’t Googled my address and are on your way to kill me. Just hear me out!

This offseason, Rodgers signed a record-breaking 4 year, $134 million contract extension. If you’re in rebuild mode, it’s not wise to have the highest paid player in the league on your payroll.

There are plenty of teams who would be willing to give up a ton of assets for Aaron Rodgers. We are talking elite young talent and multiple drafts picks to a team who could be potentially looking to make a playoff run now who is missing a franchise quarterback.

If the Packers win out and make the playoffs, all of these hypothetical situations will be thrown in the trash, but if they don’t…

We could be looking at the end of an era for the Green Bay Packers.

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