George H.W. Bush, President, Man Of Integrity, And Massive Sports Fan, Has Died.

George H.W. Bush, married to the late Barbara Bush, was arguably one of the most under appreciated presidents in our nation’s great history. Here at WTP Sports, however, we veer away from politics. Here, we talk sports. H.W. was a man of integrity who loved to have fun. He was the kind of man that celebrated his 90th birthday with a skydiving trip. George was rarely caught without his wife, a pair of his iconic socks, or without a smile. Truly someone who people could look up to as being a model for growing old.

George was a massive sports fan. Over the years, he could be caught at his home team’s stadiums, especially the Astros.headlineImage.adapt.1460.high.hwbush_071615.1437060146964.jpg


In 2016, Bush was able to toss the coin for the Super Bowl in his home town of Houston where two teams played after flying into town via the airport that honors Bush’s name.


This past year, around 8 months ago, George lost his wife. A crippling blow to a man who had used her as his rock through stress, sickness, and all other things thrown his way. Now, 8 months later, he himself has passed. There really was never a George or Barbara, only George and Barbara. They were inseparable, and that model relationship will last as an example for all as long or longer than his contributions as a politician or as a sports fan. I wrote this article simply to shed light on the fact that this man was truly one of the most avid sports fans who has ever been seated in the Oval Office. Turns out there was just more to talk about, mainly his happiness through hard times and his relationship with his wife. Either way, this was never meant to be a biography or a huge blog about H.W., but maybe it will get you to look up his wikipedia page and learn a bit about one of the most genuine people to ever grace the office of the President of the United States. 9005-Astros-Opening-Day-with-Barbara-and-George-H.W.-Bush-April-2014_152054.jpg9092-Astros-Opening-Day-with-Barbara-and-George-H.W.-Bush-April-201_152229.jpg





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