What in the world is going on with Markelle Fultz?

The world may never know

In latest edition of what we are calling the Markelle Fultz saga, according to Stephania Bell of ESPN, Fultz will be out for 3-6 weeks with a shoulder injury recently diagnosed as neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome. TOS, for short, is the newest diagnosis and development in this rollercoaster of a story. According to reports from Dr. Jason Lee, who has been in vascular surgery for over 15 years and who has stated that he has worked with numerous athletes on many levels of competition with this similar diagnosis, he’s NEVER seen it with a basketball player. This creates a kink in the timeline of this story.

At least we know it might not be in his head after all

In the past few months covering this story, many people around the league have felt, “Could this be all in Markelle Fultz’s head?” While I don’t believe it was all a mental lack of confidence, I believe after the diagnosis of TOS that Fultz’s confidence level is more than likely very low. With this being the third major development in this story, you have to wonder can Markelle Fultz ever get to the level he was drafted at No. 1 overall for? I guess in 3-6 weeks, we may find out.

According to Markelle Fultz’s agent and attorney Raymond Brothers, he is confident that this diagnosis and rehab will address Fultz’s shooting problems. People around the Philadelphia 76ers organization are hoping that this sense of optimism from Brothers is justified. Brothers feels that this has been the reason that Markelle has struggled in the past few months. One can only hope that this diagnosis leads to positive results moving forward. Rehabilitation for Markelle Fultz will begin away from the 76ers organization in Los Angeles, according to Brothers.

Will this be the final set back for Fultz?

After working with Drew Hanlan this summer, everyone around Markelle felt he had made drastically positive changes to his shooting form and ability. Hanlan even went as far as to say, “I literally think that if he’s back to 100 percent, I think he’s immediately an All-Star. I know that’s a bold statement, but I work with a lot of other All-Stars, so I think I have the right to say that.” When the season started, Fultz supposedly was up to 100 percent and even started multiple games. It became apparent when he wasn’t taking jumpshots past 10 feet that he wasn’t up to 100 percent. The relationship with Hanlan since this quote has gone sour and at least we know that it was the injury holding Fultz back.

This story will more than likely continue to change and develop. If it does WTP Sports will be on it!

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