Has Kelvin Benjamin finally found the right fit?

Throughout Kelvin Benjamin’s career, he has dealt with a boatload of adversity from being called a bust after his first couple years to now being called fat and overweight. Id say there’s nothing this guy wants to do more other than prove everyone wrong and I for one cannot wait to see what he brings to this team. Shit on him all you want, but we saw Sammy Watkins come from Buffalo this year, and even though he wasn’t as important in Kansas City as he was in Buffalo, he has still shown vast improvements with Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback.

Look, I’m not here to tell you that Benjamin is going to be a top 10 receiver for the rest of the year, but you gotta give this guy the benefit of the doubt. I mean, he’s a terrific red zone target who stands at 6’5″, 245 pounds with some pretty good hands.

Benjamin has now been on three teams since he has come into the league and while that may not look so good, it also may not be all his fault. He started out on a good note in Carolina with Cam Newton as his quarterback, posting 1000 yards along with 9 scores in his rookie season and then 941 yards and 7 touchdowns in his second. While he was producing with Cam, that doesn’t mean they had the best chemistry and relationship. I honestly thought after those first couple years that he was in a good spot, but recently reports came out that Benjamin didn’t believe “it was a good fit from the get-go” and also said “if you were to put me with any other quarterback… well you know.” He ultimately blamed Cam for his struggles, but they were pretty good together his first two years, so I’m not sure if you can put all the blame on Cam.

Benjamin did get his wish for another quarterback but it was more like a genie twisting your words because with Nathan Peterman and Tyrod Taylor as your quarterback, you’re basically set up for failure. I think we can also all agree it wasn’t going to workout with Josh Allen once Benjamin straight up told him no to running routes before the game. I actually didn’t think Allen was going to be good, but he has shown a lot of potential in his arm and even his legs this season, yet at the same time I do believe it was best for Benjamin getting out of there when he did.

Benjamin has yet to really make an impact on a team since his tenure with Carolina but this is probably the best fit for him. The reason I say this is not only because Mahomes is one of the best in the league but this sorta relates to the Dez Bryant signing before his injury. Even though Dez is clearly the better player, they did find themselves in the same boat. They were both top players on their offense who then began to regress, they both faced a lot of adversity not only with fans but also within their franchise, and they both still want to prove people wrong. Not to mention both of them were then released by their teams and then signed to legit contenders for basically the same reason. I’m gonna say the same thing I did for Dez, he’s not going to be the top option on his team which is going to take a lot of the weight off his shoulders.

If I had to guess I would probably say he’s going to see significant snaps going forward but I think he’s still going to be the fourth option behind Hill, Kelce, and Conley. Since Hunt is no more in Kansas City and Sammy Watkins is done for the year, I would expect Benjamin to be more of a red zone target than anything else, so I wouldn’t count on this guy posting 100-yard games all the time.

Having another big body along with Kelce is also really going to help open up some more scoring opportunities. Not only will he be a viable red zone target, especially in the case of Kelce getting doubled) but with the way he’s built, he may be used as a blocker more than you think.

So far this year, Benjamin has recorded just 354 yards along with one touchdown, and while he is still getting up to speed in the playbook, I fully expect him to finish this season and the postseason with a total of at least 4-5 touchdowns. It may not be a lot but its more than they have gotten from Watkins all year, and in the role he’s going to be featured in, I can’t say hes going to be a touchdown machine.

This is only a one year deal so this isnt a big risk for the Chiefs whatsoever, let’s just see if a new quarteback was what he actually needed.

Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


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