Game of Thrones Betting Odds: An In-Depth Breakdown

When it’s all said and done, season 8 of Game of Thrones might go down as the most highly anticipated in television history.

The plot of the show has been developing for 67 episodes, and with 6 left, I still have NO idea how the whole thing is going to end. None whatsoever. You could tell me George R.R. Martin has a cameo in which he has sex with every female cast member, and I still wouldn’t be surprised. No character is safe in the final season, and just about anyone could end up on the Iron Throne.

I could sit and write about the details of the show for hours, but that’s not what I’m here to do. I won’t bore you with fan theories or my personal predictions. I’m here to look at the betting odds for the final season, and hopefully give you some advice on how to make a few extra bucks. Let’s try to find some value…



Right off the bat, I will tell you that Jamie Lannister (+2500), Arya Stark (+700), Tyrion Lannister (+1000), Gendry (+2500), and Varys (+7500) will not end up on the Iron Throne. All of these characters will find themselves in complementary roles to whoever they pledge their allegiance to. Jamie has fled King’s Landing to see if Daenerys is the real deal, while Tyrion is already serving as her Hand.

Arya, on the other hand, is a lone wolf (pun intended) with multiple outstanding vendettas. She won’t sleep until everyone on her list is dead, and she will have no desire to sit on the throne afterwards. Varys and Gendry, though clever and royal, respectively, are in no position to rise to power in the current state of Westeros.

Some of the best bets remaining are: Daenerys (+275), Sansa (+300), and Cersei (+2000). Game of Thrones is a show with extremely strong female characters, and it makes sense that one will end up on the throne. Daenerys and Sansa are the picks if you’re a believer in happy endings, while Cersei offers value to the ultimate pessimist. Taking into account the fact that Cersei’s name is still on Arya’s list, though, it might not be a bad idea to flip a coin between Dany and Sansa.

That leaves one name left on the board….

The Pick: The Night King (+800)

Here’s the thing… if the humans somehow defeat the White Walkers, there are a handful of people who could theoretically sit on the throne. If the White Walkers win, there is only one man who will rule Westeros. The Night King has an army of millions, including undead giants and a dragon zombie. They’re finally past the Wall, and all that’s left to do is destroy everything in their path. When you’re making this bet, it’s basically Night King vs. The Field, and at +800, you take the Night King every time.


I’ll keep this one short and sweet. There is absolutely no way to predict who will be the first person to die. If someone is in immediate danger of dying, they probably won’t. It would be too easy that way. In order to make this bet, you’d have to know the who, what, where, when, and why of the first battle scene, and even then it would be a tossup. Stay away from this one at all costs.

The Pick: DO NOT BET


What an incredible prop bet. It’s also the easiest one on the board, in my opinion. Of the nine names listed, only four (Cersei, Missandei, Daenerys, and Melisandre) have appeared topless at least once during the show. You can cross the other five names off the list.

Cersei has too much political shit on her plate to walk around topless, and now that her brother/lover has left King’s Landing, she won’t be appearing in any sex scenes. Similarly, I feel like Missandei and Grey Worm have exhausted their sexual desires (how much desire can a eunuch have?) and will be focused on defending their queen from here on out.

The most likely scenario for Daenerys to appear topless is in the opening scene of season 8. If the show picks up exactly where it left off, Daenerys will be laying in bed, naked, with her nephew and lover Jon Snow. If we’re lucky enough to see any leftovers from that scene, Daenerys (+350) could hit paydirt.

The Pick: Melisandre (+500)

Melisandre is the queen of nudity in Game of Thrones. Her five topless scenes matches Daenerys for most in the show, and the Red Priestess has appeared in fewer scenes. In addition, each of Dany’s nude scenes have come as a result of fire, sex, or having her clothes ripped off by characters who are now dead. In other words, situations that don’t happen often. Melisandre, on the other hand, takes her top off for no reason. Her nudity comes in casual situations, such as seduction efforts, bathing, or simply getting comfortable before bed. She’s the most liberal with her tits and is the most nude-efficient character in the show. Take Melisandre (+500) and don’t look back.

Images: OddsShark, Nerdist


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