Light at the End of the Tunnel in the Big Apple…?

Is it finally the year for the World Series trophy to make it’s return to the city that never sleeps? Have all these major off-season trades and signings finally pulled it all together for this team from New York? Only time will tell.

Oh, by the way, I’m not referring to the Bronx Bombers…. I’m talking about the New York Mets!

The Seven Line Army may FINALLY have a season to go to war with, and now I’m going to tell you why.

  • David Wright has been hired by the Mets to work with and develop young talent, which I think will clearly show itself very early on. Wright is a baseball genius and if injuries hadn’t plagued his career, he could arguably still be one of the best third basemen in the league even with his climbing age. He was THAT talented.
  • The Mets’ rotation has never been a problem, the problem has been the health of the guys in their rotation. But with a rotation that has options like the Mets’ does, if they can stay healthy, there are 6 to 8 guys that you could argue should be in their rotation.
  • Their lineup has been revamped and moves have been made to fill previous holes. Acquisitions like Robinson Cano and Wilson Ramos will add some serious pop to the lineup, as well as provide some veteran guidance for some of the younger Mets who are on the cusp of being superstars.
  • On the topic of veteran leadership, Todd Frazier will likely step into that role in the later stages of his career. However, Gregor Blanco was also a low risk high reward signing who has the ability to be a reliable outfield platoon option. Also brought in this off-season was outfielder Rajai Davis, who not only seems to always find his way onto a playoff roster but also provides another reliable bat and speed on the base paths, and he’s another great guy to have around younger talent in the clubhouse.
  • Yoenis Cespedes will not even be on the Opening Day lineup card as he is still rehabbing from surgery on both heels, but assuming he’s fully healthy when he returns, the boost he will provide that lineup speaks for itself.
  • Jeurys Familia is back in Flushing, and in a slightly new role. With the acquisition of last year’s AL saves leader, Edwin Diaz, Familia will likely slide into a setup man role with Diaz trying to be the one to close the door. Familia had shown signs of slowing down in a closer role, but I expect different results in his new role. A large amount of pressure will be lifted off Familia’s shoulders after acquiring Diaz, so hopefully the 8th inning role will reboot his confidence and success.
  • Just when things started to take shape for the Mets roster, the new and improved front office went out and made another off-season pickup, signing Jed Lowrie for two years, who is coming off of two of the best seasons of his career in Oakland adding even more infield depth. This could mean Todd Frazier who is getting older could slide over to the opposite corner of the infield and play some first base while getting Lowrie some reps at third. Either way Lowrie is a great addition adding more proven depth.
  • With the acquisition of Lowrie late yesterday, it is officially safe to say the Mets are not done making moves yet. They may be running out of spending money for big name players, so don’t expect them to sign someone like a Harper or Machado, or even a Pollock, BUT do not rule out any more moves either. They have an abundance of catchers and corner outfielders. They also have a slight hole at first base depending how they choose to address that. That’s where things get interesting. Keep an eye on the Mets I don’t think they’re ready to go quiet just yet.

Here’s my hypothetical Opening Day lineup/roster, and to be honest, it looks pretty damn good so far…


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