People Forget: Sports Media has Officially Gone to Extreme Lengths to Rip the Patriots

Since the end of last season, my prediction for the 2018 New England Patriots remained the same. An 11-5 record, and a first round exit in the playoffs. For the first time, I fell into famous “New England is done for” take that has trapped sports writers across the country for years.

In 2014, the Patriots started 2-2 and the sky seemed to be falling. While ESPN glamoured over what could be Tom Brady’s final hour, most level-headed people in New England realized he still had plenty left in the tank. The story-line ran through the season, right into the deflate-gate scandal. ESPN and other sports outlets made up every reason in the books why the Patriots dynasty was falling.

After a Super Bowl victory in 2014, and another in 2016, one would think the lesson had been learned. However, major sports stations such as ESPN and FS1 have reached more than ever to undermine this New England team in 2018.

By no means is this a “standing up for the Patriots” article. I’ve had them losing in the first round of the playoffs all year. Growing up in New England I’ve always enjoyed the Patriots proving everyone wrong.

Throughout this season, I put my bias aside and thought logically about where this team could end up. Lack of talent and weapons, no cake-walk or tomato-can games in the playoffs, and an unusual lack of discipline led me to the conclusion of the first-round exit.

After seeing how far the media outlets have reached to write off Tom Brady and the Patriots, there have been few things I wanted to be wrong about more than this game.

This list put together by Stephen A. Smith is a good place to start, and Tom Brady being fifth isn’t even the worst thing on this list. My first question is where is Drew Brees? MVP candidate Drew Brees who will more-than-likely finish top-3 in MVP voting is now not even a top 5 quarterback in the playoffs?

Speaking of MVP’s, the front-runner for the award isn’t even number one? Patrick Maholmes falls short to Andrew Luck? I don’t know how anyone could justify that one.

Then finally, Tom Brady at 5. The man with 5 Super Bowl rings is now the fifth best quarterback in the playoffs behind……..Dak Prescott? Anyone on this earth who would truly in their minds rather have Dak Prescott in a playoff game should not only get all credentials removed, but also should be checked for a sanity test.

Known Tom Brady hater Shannon Sharpe gave his take on the 41-year old quarterback. But instead of the play on the field, or analysis of Brady’s season, he chose to talk about TB12’s comments regarding film study. In what was possibly the biggest reach of 2019 so far, Sharpe ripped Brady for simply stating he was “watching film all night.”

If you want to rip Tom Brady, there’s hundreds of things one can find. Turn on any local radio show in Boston and you’ll hear it. However, ripping someone for saying they watch film all night is a bit of a stretch, even for Sharpe.

This guy. Rob Parker, who reveres to Brady as the L.O.A.T (Luckiest Of All Time) now has the Patriots as the worst playoff team remaining. I haven’t been high on the Patriots all year, but this is absurd. The Chargers at number one as well? The Chiefs won the division and the Saints and Rams had the best records in football. I’m not sure how you justify this for any reason besides to try and get Patriots fans pissed off.

So when the Patriots beat the San Diego (sorry, Los Angeles) Chargers on Sunday, I expected Rob Parker to be on bright and early Monday morning talking about the biggest upset in the post-season. Tom Brady leading the worst team in the playoffs to an “upset” over the “best” team in the league will just add to his lengthy resume.

Nick Wright talking about New England sports is never a good thing. Put LeBron James on the New England Patriots and the Patriots will never lose another Super Bowl. Even if the Patriots lost this game, which I have admitted many times is very possible, this is not the definite end of a dynasty. People forget, even though Brady had a sub-par season, he has had a sub-par season by his measures. For most other quarterbacks, Brady’s season would be considered a huge success.

The media has been ripping apart New England for years now, but it hasn’t been this bad since the famous “they’re not that good anymore” Trent Dilfer quote.

The Patriots pulled off the incredible “upset” on Sunday, so it was interesting to see these media outlets on Monday morning. Time to double-down, I guess.



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