Rask Ties All-Time Franchise Record

Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask has been on fire as of late and it’s been at the right time since Jaroslav Halak has taken a step backwards.

Rask stopped 28 shots in a 5-2 victory over St. Louis Blues which now ties him with Bruins legend Tiny Thompson with 252 wins. Rask hasn’t always been the best goaltender in the league but he has been able to get it done for the most part during his whole career.

With all of the recent Rask hate this really edges him into Bruins history and like it or not he will be the Bruins winningest goaltender. Obviously, Rask has been one of the longest lasting goaltenders for the Bruins and it’s going to show once he takes the franchise record.

Rask looks to take possession of this record when the team gets back from their league mandated bye week. The goaltender was knocked out of the game on Saturday against the Rangers on a hit he took to the face. Rask needs to use this bye week and recover and come back right where he left off: winning.

Photo from Boston Sports Journal


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