John Daly Signing “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” is Just Another Example of Why He Should be Everyone’s Favorite Athlete

 Few professional athletes are as interesting as one John Patrick Daly.

While golf certainly isn’t the most fun sport in the world to watch, it’s undeniable that Daly tries his damndest to make it worth viewing.

The beer drinking, cigarette smoking, funny pants wearing, gumby-bending, degenerate gambling son of a gun has been golfing professionally since 1987, winning the PGA Championship in 1991 and the Open Championship in 1995. However, no one really likes John Daly because of his golf pedigree. Everyone loves him because of how goddamn bizarre he is. From hitting all of his golf balls into a water hazard on a single hole and quitting the Australian Open on the spot in 2011, to spiking a spectators camera into a tree at the same event in 2008 , John Daly has always been a weekend warriors idol. He puts up ridiculously bad numbers in tournaments almost every year but is so freaking fun to watch while he does it.

Photo by Golf Digest

A few nights ago, a video emerged of Daly playing the guitar and singing along with Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum to the tune of “Knocking on Heavens door”.

While looking into this, I found out that Daly has been doing this FOREVER. He’s played along side Darius Rucker, Jake Owen, and Gavin Degraw, and has even recorded and released TWO complete solo albums. A true jack of all trades. The guys not great, but after years of ripping darts and sending it like no other, he’s got a decent voice.

jd-drink-imageIn addition to his budding cover artist career, Daly’s been expertly moved into a different career field off the course. “John Daly’s Sip it and Rip it” is the golfers own personal hard ice tea, started in 2017. You may think it’s a bad idea for a man with a documented history of alcoholism to make his own brand of drink, but this is John Daly we’re talking about here. He has no time for such minute issues. 

John Daly is simply a man of the people. In an almost purposeful effort, Daly has successfully distanced himself from the uptight, stuffy “country club” players the PGA Tour was full of. He plays golf the same way your drunk uncle does; loose. He smokes cigarettes on the course, curses like a truck driver, and isn’t immune from an occasional club throw every now and then. He likes to occasionally play shoeless and shirtless, but hey who doesn’t.

I mean he’s seriously a national treasure.


Also, he once tried, very publicly, tried to fuck Miley Cyrus.

John Daly will forever be my spirit animal.

Photo by by Chris Doyle/ Wisconsin State Journal


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