Mariano Rivera Becomes the First Man in MLB History to be Unanimously Selected to the MLB Hall of Fame

In a genuinely surprising moment, former New York Yankees closer, and greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera received 100% of the writers votes to be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.

This is the first time ever that a player has been unanimously selected into the hall, with the next closest being Ken Griffey Jr with 99.3 % back in 2016.

Rivera is undoubtedly the greatest closer of all time, pitching for 19 seasons and breaking the all time saves record with a astronomical 652 saves. He is also the all time career ERA + leader with a career mark of 205. Rivera was a 13 time all star and finished in the top 5 for the Cy Young voting 5 times as a RELIEVER. He was also apart of 5 World Series championships and is potentially the greatest postseason performer in MLB history. In 141 innings pitched, Rivera pitched to a 0.70 ERA and a .759 WHIP. Perhaps the most famous factoid about Mariano Rivera is more men have walked on the moon (12) than scored earned runs against him in October (11). He really is the GOAT.  

While it’s not surprising that Rivera was inducted on his first crack, it’s insane to think that he received every single vote possible. When you look at the history of relievers being inducted into the hall of fame, only 7 have ever been inducted and none have been inducted on their first year on the ballot. Even Trevor Hoffman, who before Rivera came around was the holder of the all time saves record, only received 67% of the vote his first year of eligibility. While Rivera is truly head and shoulders above the rest, I still expected some dickhead to leave him off the ballot.

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera for continuing to break records, even after his playing days are over.

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