Giroux Having Fine Season Despite Flyers’ Struggles

There is no doubt that this has been an awful season for the Philadelphia Flyers.

The team is currently 26th in the league with 44 points and at least as of now, look like they will miss the playoffs. The club has also struggled in every area of the game as you can see below:

– Goals scored (22nd)

– Goals allowed (29th)

– Penalty kill (28th)

– Power play (30th)

It is easy to see why the Flyers are where they are at the moment. You put all of these things together and you end up with a team that loses a lot of hockey games and lost in every area on the ice.

With all of that said, however, there has been one player on this team that has had a solid and consistent season. In fact, this guy has been the model of consistency for this franchise for the last decade or so.

I am talking about Flyers’ team captain Claude Giroux. Giroux has been Mr. Flyer for a long time and even though the team has been terrible this year, he has found a way to put together another nice season for himself.

Giroux, 31, currently leads the team with 52 points and is doing it all when it comes to offense for this hockey club. It can be said that without Giroux, this team would be closer to 31st in the league rather than where they are right now (22nd).

For Giroux, it starts with setting up his teammates. He leads his club with 38 helpers and when it comes to that area of his game, it is something that will never change as he is one of the best passers in the league.

The Flyers’ captain has also been a more than solid contributor on the power play. Sure, his team is the second worst club in that category, but Giroux has found a way to lead his team with 12 points when they have the man advantage.

While the team has not won exactly won too many games this season, Giroux has found a way to be a factor when his team has won games. He currently leads the team with three game-winning goals and when the game is on the line, there is no one better on this team to have out on the ice than their captain.

If you are a Flyers’ fan, then you know that this is nothing new. Giroux has been one of the franchise’s most consistent players over the last decade as he has averaged about 68 points per season.

He’s a point-producer. He currently has 729 points in 786 games and with him being just 31-years-old, that number will certainly climb as long as he stays healthy.

While having all these points is great, I am sure that the only thing that Giroux cares about is winning a Stanley Cup. He came close in 2010 when his team lost in the Final to the Chicago Blackhawks, but has not come close to sniffing it since.

For his sake, let’s hope this franchise can figure things out and get on the right track towards a Cup because Giroux is a player that certainly deserves one for all that he has done and given to his franchise.

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