Does Hunt and the Bears make sense?

Not too long ago reports came out that the Bears were showing interest in signing the former Chiefs running back, Kareem Hunt. Although Hunt is not eligible right now and will eventually be suspended, he will still be allowed to return during the 2019 season. With the opportunity to return it will in fact bring more attention to Hunt as free agency looms over his head but with the history between Bears coach Matt Nagy and Hunt I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunt fell into Chicago’s lap. There’s still a lot more to this process but lets just talk a hypothetical.

If the bears were to acquire Hunt, then what might this mean for this offense moving forward?

Well, you can kiss Jordan Howard goodbye I can tell you that. Seriously though, if the bears did in fact get Hunt then it will be a very nice upgrade to the offense. This year the Bears took a more pass heavy approach which created a lack of production in the run game. The Bears were still able to create plays running the ball but just not at a very consistent rate. During the beginning of the season we saw a lot of Jordan Howard, someone who had struggled heavily throughout the year and not so much of Tarik Cohen, who ended up becoming a bright spot in this offense, just not so much as a runner. Especially after Cohen’s break out year last year, you would’ve expected to see him involved early on but with Jordan Howard still being a thing then it wasn’t so easy to do. However with this offense moving in the direction it is then I really don’t see Howard moving along with it. He showed a couple great seasons with the Bears and I had actually loved him but that was before Trubisky was the vocal point of the offense. Howard found himself in a tough spot this year, he lacked in the run game itself and since he isn’t really a pass catching back to begin with it, it didn’t really do him any justice. Howard can still have a future in this league with another team but I think its best if the bears cut him and sign Hunt. Just take a look at their resumes, Hunt has not only produced more but he brings so much more to the table, which is why he fits the bears scheme perfectly.

Since coming into this league Hunt has done nothing but dominate when stepping on the field. In his first year as a pro he had a terrific start to his career, leading the league in rushing yards with 1,327 yards. He went on to finish his rookie year with 1,327 rushing yards, 8 TD’s, and a nice 4.9 YPC.

He then went on to continue his success in his second year until a very controversial video leaked and he was immediately cut from his organization. Hunt did in fact react the wrong way in his situation and even though he had apologized and said he was wrong it did not make it right. However shortly after, Matt Nagy decided to give him a call and see how he was doing.

The two go back to Hunts rookie season where they both found success on the same side of the ball in Kansas City. Nagy was the offensive coordinator during the reign of Kareem hunts rookie campaign so maybe it wasn’t such a surprise to see him get in touch. Nagy did go on to say that he “believed in second chances but not third chances”, so it will be interesting to see where the rest of this goes.

No matter when Hunt is able to return, I would assume he would make a nice impact early on. The Bears offense is already pretty similar to the Chiefs. They got the young mobile QB’s, ties within coaching, small and speedy receivers, a top option at the tight end position, and a big receiver who can go up and get the ball. With Nagy also running the show now as head coach then I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunt became more involved in the Bears offense than the Chiefs, just because of the lack of weapons they have. Since Hunt has shown the ability to be a dual threat back then I think this would also create even more creative play calling going forward. I still think Cohen would be involved but just not as much in the run game I should say. I would however expect to see more plays with Cohen lined up as a receiver or more split back sets with both Hunt and Cohen. Now this is all a big what if so lets not jump to any conclusions but I wouldn’t be surprised if this were his first option going into free agency.

p.s. They are still in fact phonies

photo: Dylan buell/gettyimages


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