Pitchers To Watch

With football season coming to an end, its time to turn our attention to Americas spring sport, baseball. This year hasn’t even started and there is already so much talk of the season. Where will Machado go? Where will Harper go? Will the Red Sox repeat? Only time will tell and answer those questions. This year will have many players to watch because of new teams and new off season workouts. This article is to turn some heads at some names that didn’t get as much attention last year as they should have.

Starting in the National League we have pitcher German Marquez. Marquez is a pitcher that has nasty stuff and when its his day, he is practically un-hittable. Finishing the season with 230 strikeouts and a record of 14-11, Marquez was not the center of attention but quietly made his presence known. Marquez also had a 3.77 ERA and that was a big reason people overlooked him more than they looked into him. This coming season, Marquez will be coming into the season hot and I don’t believe he will cool off for a while. At the age of 21, Marquez is destine for greatness.

Staying in the National League, Jameson Taillon from Pittsburg made some big splashes this past year ending his season with a 3.20 ERA and fanning 179 batters. His record was 14-10 and only walked 46 people. Jameson pushed to become the ace for the Pirates when Garret Cole left for Houston and Taillon did an exceptional job. The 27 year old will be heading into the season as the teams number one pitcher and I don’t see that changing throughout the year.

Moving into the American League, we have to start with the playoff machine Nathan Eovaldi. 6-7 with a 3.81 ERA is a front for what this man can do. As we saw this past postseason, Eovaldi can face the fire and put it out as well. Eovaldi was a horse for the Sox this postseason and even during then season he had games where he looked like the Cy Young. Signing a big contract this off season shows that he was very wanted back in Boston and now he’s back and adds a lot more fuel to that rotation that includes David Price, Rick Porcello and Chris Sale. Eovalid is the hidden gem in that rotation and this season will be his season he comes out of hiding.

Last but not least we have newly acquired James Paxton. Paxton has found a new home in the Bronx and is now in a rotation he does not have to be the man in. Sharing it with Severino, Tanaka, Happ and Sabathia, Paxton has some breathing room and can focus more on pitching and helping his team then worrying about when he pitches again so the team can actually get a win.

There are many more pitchers in the league that can be recognized but I chose these four as my core four to watch, This season will be a lot of fun and baseball fans everywhere are itching for game one.


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