Blockbuster On The Verge of Being Finalized in Philly

I try my best to sift through the countless rumors of the MLB offseason, trying to determine which ones hold some weight and which ones are just speculation. For anybody that’s followed this current offseason, aside from the Harper and Machado speculations, the biggest buzz has not even come from one of the remaining free agents. Arguably every team in baseball has called Miami to see what it would take to pry slugging backstop JT Realmuto from them, and almost all have shied away due to the asking price. There have been a handful of teams, however, that have always been considered very much still in the mix. Well, after all the drama and rumors, the hunt for arguably the game’s best catcher may finally be coming to a close. It appears the Philadelphia Phillies are nearing a deal that would send JT to Citizens Bank Park.

jt-realmutoPhoto: CBS Sports

IF—and that’s a big if due to how much chatter has taken place in regards to the stud catcher—the Phillies do pull off a deal, we’re talking immediate contenders in an already stacked division. Keep in mind, the Phillies have been one of about four or five teams to always have been in talks with Harper and Machado.

Personally, I predict that Machado ends up with either the White Sox, Padres, or somehow the Yankees, but that’s only if he continues to hold out and his asking price drops a little. But when it comes to Bryce Harper, I truly believe he will be a Phillie or back in Washington. Going off the assumption that the Realmuto trade does go through and they do sign Harper, their lineup would look something like this:

  • Segura – SS
  • Herrera – OF
  • Harper – OF
  • Realmuto – C
  • McCutchen – OF
  • Hoskins – 1B
  • Franco – 3B
  • Hernandez – 2B

Even scarier to think about is that the MLB may eliminate the Pitcher’s spot in the order which would give the Phillies another bat off the bench to use as a DH.

I’ll do my best to keep you all updated, but again, a lot of these rumors have no real substance to them. The Realmuto one is, in fact, seeming to be in the final stages and I’d expect that to be announced before the weekend if not before the end of the day.


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