Your WAY to Early MLB Postseason Preview @Conor_S_

Ladies and Gentlemen we are 51 days from the best day of spring, Opening Day. As a lifelong baseball fan, only one thing is more exciting than opening day and this is obviously the Postseason and since there are another 9 days until Pitchers and Catchers report along with Harper and Machado holding out, let’s jump forward to October baseball.

First, a prediction of the AL teams, and not surprisingly they are very similar to this past year. The Astros are a near lock to come out of the AL West with the both the Rangers and Athletics still missing some key pieces to make a run at the division.

Coming out of the AL Central is another confident pick in the Indians due to a relatively weak division that hasn’t done much to improve overall. The AL

East is where it gets sticky in two of the best teams in baseball battling for that division. The Red Sox and Yankees will be at war like always and even though as of right now the Yankees after adding Tulo, Zach Britton POTENTIALLY Bryce Harper, and many other great player to come off their bench are looking great.

The Red Sox on the other hand have lost Kinsler, Joe Kelly, and potentially Craig Kimbrel while only adding to the roster minor leaguers and Colton Brewer from the Padres who had a 5.59 ERA last season. Truly I still do believe that the Red Sox will be able to take the division leaving the Yankees in the Wild Card again. In the final Wild Card spot I have the Athletics once again sneaking in to give the Yankees an easy path back to Boston.

The NL is a little more difficult to predict this year especially with the uncertainty of Harper and Machado. For the sake of this I’m assuming that Machado resigns and Harper ends up in New York, because why wouldn’t he.

This firmly put the Dodgers back in the NL West drivers seat leaving the Rockies once again to play in the Wild Card. The NL Central have 2 teams all capable of winning the division in the Brewers and Cubs.

Much like the AL East I think the Brewers will edge out the Cubs leaving them fighting for a Wild Card birth. The NL East is shaping up to be a very competitive division.

The young Braves, Phillies, and the dark horse Mets can all make a run at the division. But after adding Jean Segura, Andrew McCutchen, ¬†and David Robertson I think the Phillies just barely edge out the Braves. This leaves the Braves and Cubs fighting for the final wild card spot, and I really don’t know who wins this game. The Braves are a very young and talented game with depleted pitching and the Cubs are a talented team with great postseason experience. But, this is one game so the Braves don’t have to worry about their abysmal bullpen so the Braves will be going back to the playoffs.

AL Championship Series is more than likely going to be a repeat of 2018 between the Astros and Red Sox. I truly don’t believe the Yankees will have enough down the line to beat the Sox in the ALDS even if they do get Harper. Yeah this is 100% Boston biased coming out of me, but looking at it objectively I think the Red Sox are just as solid at the plate and their pitching rotation will be able to improve as the year goes on.

The NLCS I have shaping up extremely differently this season. I’m pulling all the hot takes out, tag @OldTakesExposed if you need to, but I have the Braves and Brewers in a battle for the NL. The Braves are such a young team with a great base, then adding Josh Donaldson to an already great lineup. The issue is their pitching which can be addressed throughout the season using their deep farm system for trades and or call ups.

The 2019 World Series, what every baseball fan looks forward too, will be a matchup between the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox. Boston taking on Atlanta once again in a matchup of two young talented teams. If the Braves can address pitching throughout the year and the Red Sox can stay healthy and consistent, this will be a very fun matchup. Two exciting offenses led by young stars and future stars ready to produce another memorable World Series. I have Boston winning the series 4-2 and bringing back-to-back Pennants to Fenway.



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