Could the Yankees sign Harper and Machado?

Bryce Harper continues to be unsigned. Day in and day out we here and read that things are “heating up,” in yet nothing has happened. Recently, Bombers own Aaron Judge said he would have no problem moving to center field to make room for Harper. Nobody wants to see Bryce Harper as a Yankee except for some Yankee fans, but the question is, can it be done? The answer is yes, if Harper is willing to play ball.

The Yankees have made it very clear that they will not be paying anyone 300 million dollars. Between having to pay Giancarlo Stanton’s contract and eventually having to re-sign Aaron Judge, there is just no way they can afford to give Harper or Machado their desired contracts, but they can offer them something better. What’s that you ask? A World Series ring. Adding one of the two, or better yet both would make this Yankee team close to untouchable. Money wise, both players would need to understand that they wont be getting the big pot, on terms of winning? Depending on the ball players these two are, they’ll want to be in New York. Around the horn, the team would stack up like this:

1B: Luke Voit
2B: Dj LeMahieu
SS: Gleyber Torres
3B: Manny Machado
Left to Right: Gardner, Judge, Harper
C: Gary Sanchez

You’ll notice that Aaron Hicks and Miguel Andujar are not listed. This is where the possibility of both players joining comes into play. Aaron Hicks is young and very versatile, not to mention a menace at the plate at times. Hicks is very useful in a trade, as well as Andujar. The Yankees have a couple players that are solid back ups and can fill in at every position. Having these two players can be deadly for the Yankees come trade time. General Manager Brain Cashman has made it clear he still wants another starting pitcher. With these two at hand and even the rising and healthy Clint Frazier, the Yankees are a huge option for teams to trade with. Packaging these players for pitching or even minor leaguers is a possibility for the Bombers and very do able.

The Cleveland Indians at one time were in the market to trade either Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer. At one time, they wanted Miguel Andujar. The Yankees can finesse there way out of this trade and heres how.

Yankees receive: Corey Kluber
Indians receive: Miguel Andujar and Aaron Hicks

Michael Brantley recently signed with the Astros and they now have a missing piece in their outfield. Aaron Hicks is a solid replacement in left field or any place in the outfield. Miguel Andujar is young and can play third base. Francisco Lindor recently hit the injured list for 7-9 weeks and that leaves a hole at shortstop to start the season. To fix that, Jason Kipnis plays short, Jose Ramirez plays 2nd base and Andujar plays third. When Lindor returns, depending on who is having a better year, either Kipnis or Andujar hit the bench, only to stack it and make it more deadly.

This article is not saying this is going to happen, but just information that is possible and nice to dream about. Both players are not signed yet and if it continues to go this way, the Yankees continue to be a front runner, due to the fact they have the highest projected success rate out of all teams in on Harper and Machado (Padres, White Sox and Phillies). Could we have another JD Martinez situation on our hands? For those who don’t understand what that means, last season, JD Martinez was in conversation with the Red Sox but they were not going to give him his desired contract. The Red Sox did not budge, and Martinez cracked and signed with the Sox, who eventually became the World Series Champions. Machado and Harper continue to not have a team and the clock is ticking for them both.


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