Keeping Up With The Yankees

This offseason, the Bronx Bombers have been working out and getting ready for the new year of baseball. Today, we look into how the past week has been for Gleyber Torres. Gleyber, the 22-year-old second basemen has been gearing up for the 2019 season and has non stop been in the gym. Gleyber has posted on Instagram videos of him lifting weights, running laps and getting bigger and healthier every second. Not to mention Gleyber has been all about the fashion while he works out. Nike sponsors the youngster and he takes it to the next level. All red Nike free X Metcons with his Nike jump suit while fielding ground balls and making sure he is better at second base.

Gleyber has also been spending lots of time with his wife in the Bahamas to celebrate her birthday. Even when on vacation, Gleyber still finds time to go on hikes and bringing some weights with him to make sure he hasn’t gotten soft while away. Fashion wise, Gleyber is an icon. Staying with the Nike brand, Gleyber was seen rocking Air Jordan 1 x OFF-WHITE NRG and the next day he was smiling nice and big with his Off-White, White Vulcanized High-Top Sneakers.

Gleyber Torres joined Greg Bird, Luke Voit and Clint Fraizer at the Yankees minor league complex a week before spring training to get some work in with his teammates. Spring training Is right around the corner and the Bombers are getting closer and closer to game time. Gleyber Torres is training in his own way, Yankee fans everywhere hope it works out and we see a repeat of last season for him, only better.


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