Markelle’s time expired

In 2017, Markelle Fultz was the first overall pick. That season, he was of no use after being injured and ending most his rookie season. He played 14 games and started none of them. He averaged 7.1 PPG and 3.8 assists a game, leaving the 76ers to believe that he can be trusted in “The Process.” Many questions surrounded the young guard, questions like, “can he fix his shot,” and “does he even fit in with Simmons and Embiid?” Fultz was becoming more of a hopeful rather than an actual asset to the team.

The 76ers are in the process of becoming one of the best teams, if not the best team in the east. Record wise, they are not there yet. Talent wise? Slowly but surly becoming scarier and more of a threat to teams. Fultz wasn’t fitting in. Only averaging 8.2 PPG and 3.1 APG, the rising 76ers couldn’t hold on anymore. They traded the former first round pick to Orlando in exchange for Johnathan Simmons, Oklahoma City’s 2020 first-round pick and Cleveland’s 2019 second-round pick. The 76ers not only got rid of there Fultz problem, they also picked up ammunition for the draft and a decent off the bench guard.

Fultz wasn’t what the 76ers planned him out to be and it hurt the franchise, but they got out of him more then he put in. The Magic clearly see much potential still in the 20 year old and that is why they gave up so much. One of two things can happen now. The Magic can start their own process and try to surrounded it with Fultz and Mo Bamba who recently had a procedure done to help with his latest injury. Mo Bamba has also not been what the Magic hope he would be but an injury and non competitive team also has something to do with that. With Fultz, the Magic can begin a young team that improves all together.

The other option is that the Magic continue to flop and the 76ers turn their trade around into a huge success and the 76ers become the Warriors of the east. With the Celtics, Raptors and Bucks standing in their way, it won’t be an easy takeover. Questions still surround the Celtics with Kyrie Irving possibly on the move, Anthony Davis possibly moving in and if Kawhi will return to Toronto. Time will tell what is to come for the 76ers, but in my opinion, this was the start to a bright future.


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