The Remake of Aladdin isn’t coming out until May, but it can already burn in Hell

Let it be known that I despise Disney’s recent trend of remaking classic Disney movies.

I didn’t need a live-action Beauty and the Beast, I didn’t need a remake of Mary Poppins, I didn’t want a live-action remake of The Lion King, and I DAMN SURE didn’t want a live-action remake of Aladdin.

I’m not crazy about most of Disney’s 1990’s movies but even I can’t deny that Aladdin is nearly flawless. And a great deal of my love and affection towards Aladdin comes from the late, great Robin Williams’ performance as Genie. Part of the reason that I balked at the idea of a remake is that no one would be able to even come close to the magic (no pun intended) that Williams brought to the character, but after Will Smith was announced as the man to portray Genie, I started to feel a little bit better.

As long as they made him look okay and he doesn’t try to act like Robin Williams the whole time, things should go well.

Then we got our first glimpse of Smith as Genie and…..Well….

Entertainment Weekly

I mean it’s different but it’s not comically bad. I mean how else would a Genie look? Do you have any proof to say that he doesn’t look like one? No.

Personally, I liked the look of this Genie, but I guess I was in the minority.  Well, apparently Disney couldn’t stand everyone laughing at their vision and this is now what we got.

Photo by Disney


No. Cancel the movie. Kill it before it spawns. 

What the fuck is that abomination and get that image out of my head. This is the problem with trying to put something that is so iconic as a cartoon into real life; You’re attempt will always be shittier than the original. This is horrible. I love Will Smith, but I hate him for taking this role and having to look like THAT for the entire movie.

Delete Aladdin now. Give me a Treasure Planet sequel already. 

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  1. KMD says:

    Haha I saw this come up at the Grammys & I was like poor Jada Picket Smith!!

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