David Pastrnak to Miss 3 weeks

The Boston Bruins have finally gotten healthy and have started to look like the team they were supposed to be but now a huge roadblock sits in the way of the B’s moving forward. David Pastrnak underwent a procedure on his left thumb and is expected to miss 3 weeks or so. Pastrnak apparently fell over the weekend following a dinner function and needed surgery.

Sweeney has said that Pastrnak feels as if he has let everyone down and he feels terrible about this accident.

This leaves many to wonder if this will force Sweeney to trade for another right winger since the only TRUE right winger on this roster right now is David Backes. Sweeney has said that this injury doesn’t change his approach to the deadline but we shall see becuase now they are in some trouble for the next couple weeks.

Photo: Boston Sports Extra


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