Marcus Smart is consistently the second best player on the Celtics and no one is talking about it

The first thing people might question when first reading this piece is, “is this guy crazy?” Well one, yes I am a little crazy but two, I am thinking realistically here.

Marcus Smart, game after game has proven that he can keep the Celtics in games. With his All-Defensive caliber play, his somewhat come together offense, and his drastically improved three point shot, he has turned into a well rounded player for the Celtics. Obviously he still can’t score at will, but he has improved on his footwork and off balanced shots.

Even if Smart is struggling on offense, we have seen several times where he has taken techs and ejections to get the team going, where in the end it ultimately works almost every time. Smart’s defense and ability to effect the game (without being phenomenally  efficient on offense) in other aspects, doesn’t get enough credit from outside of Boston and it’s sad.

Smart should be considered for First Team All-Defense at the end of this season, it’s rare to find a guard that can defend 1-5 all equally as well. Every player in this league knows damn well Smart is an elite defender, and it should finally be recognized.

If Kyrie is having an off night, Al usually steps up. If Al usually has a rough night, Kyrie steps up. Many times this season, both have been inconsistent and neither can hold the best player stats wise consistently. All I’m saying is, Smart has most nights been the second best all around player consistently it seems this whole season. Yes Tatum is more talented, but he hasn’t been consistent. Yes Jaylen is a freak athlete and can go off on nights, but he struggles whether its defending or shooting most nights.

Smart is always there and is always making winning plays, its easy to see and simple to understand.

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