An interview with Talkin’ Yanks founder Jomboy

Us sports fans are lucky to live in the kind of sports media world that currently surrounds us.

There are a ton of web sites, magazines, books, TV networks, and more that do everything they possibly can to get our attention. With that said, however, none of these things grab our attention like another particular form of media.

In my opinion, fan-generated content is the way to go. Yes, the sports media professionals are important, but in reality, fans like to hear from people just like them.

As a baseball and New York Yankees’ fan, I am a huge supporter of Talkin’ Yanks. This site has both written and audio content, great videos, as well as awesome merchandise for people who love Yankees’ baseball.

I was lucky enough to conduct an email interview with the site’s founder Jimmy O’ Brien, aka Jomboy. Jimmy is not only a big Yankees’ fan, but he is a great content creator who caters to what fans in any sport crave today.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed the answers I got back!

PH: How did you become a Yankees’ Fan?
Jomboy: Like many fans, I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I was born a Yankees fan.

I remember being seven years old during the 1996 world series run. My dad would come home from work and make sure we all had our rally caps on.

For the 1998 and 1999 seasons, my family lived in Australia. The playoff games aired in the middle of the day so my mom would record them on VHS. Once my dad got home from work we would all sit around the TV and watch the games. 

PH: Who are some of your favorite Yankees’ players past and present?
Jomboy: Derek Jeter was more than just a fan favorite for me. He was the gold standard human for a boy growing up in those days.

I admired his post-game interviews just as much as I did his play. I loved that he called Joe Torre ‘Mr. T’. I ate all that stuff up.

PH: How did you get the idea to start to start Talkin’ Yanks?
Jomboy: I was living in California and had just moved in with my girlfriend and her family. When the 2017 season started I realized I had no one around me to have casual Yankee conversations with. So I took to Twitter. I started live-tweeting games to no one and talking with anyone who wanted to interact. 

I’ve always loved ‘doing stuff’ and creating things and knew that I could have more fun if I made videos, gifs and all that. Once people started engaging with me I decided to do a weekly video series where I answered questions and facilitated conversations.

After five episodes I tapped my best friend Jake on the shoulder and told him he had to do this with me.

PH: What are you trying to deliver readers, viewers, listeners, etc., whenever you post content?
Jomboy: I’m not really sure. I’ve typed out five answers to this and deleted them all so far.

We’re just trying to have fun and talk about the team we love. Jake and I have been friends for a really long time and have always had a fun rapport.

We can debate without it being nasty and then flip the switch and go on a dumb tangent the next. I’d say we’re trying to bring ‘informed fun’ to our listeners, but I also kind of think that sounds incredibly lame.

PH: You tweeted last year that you are doing this full-time. How is that working out so far?
Jomboy: It beats filming and editing weddings, that’s for sure. I’m lucky to be surrounded by supportive people who are allowing me to take this chance.

Last year we laid out a nice foundation and now it’s time to start building. Some days I look at our numbers and engagement and I’m flying high. Other days, I look at my bank account and bills and get pretty scared.

PH: What is your goal for Talkin’ Yanks as a whole?
Jomboy: I’d like to keep growing and doing what I love. In five years or so, it would be cool to be in an office space, with a recording studio, pumping out content, doing a radio show and having a blast.

Photo: Twitter


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