The Jacksonville Jaguars are Making an $88M Mistake

News broke Monday that former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars on a 4-year $88M deal. That’s franchise quarterback money for a guy who as two seasons as a full-time starter under his belt.

While it seems like Foles has been immortal in an Eagles uniform, his numbers outside of Philly are staggering. In his 11 starts for the Rams in 2015, Foles completed only 56.4% of his passes for 7 TDs and 10 INTs. Not exactly sparkling statistics in the largest sample size of Foles career.

Looking at Foles’ career as a whole is equally unimpressive. Foles’ has a 26-18 record despite an only 61.6% completion percentage, 4.3% TD percentage, and 2.1% INT percentage. For reference, Joe Flacco’s career line is 61.7%/ 3.7%/ 2.4% but the Broncos were for acquiring him from the Ravens.

Foles is the ultimate case that wins are not a QB stat. He has been below average in at least 4 of his 7 seasons in the league, yet has a Super Bowl MVP for getting hot for a three-game stretch on an incredible Eagles team. He basically FitzMagic’d his way to the top.

Maybe I’m wrong and all it takes to build a championship team is a streaky QB with a massive hog, but there had to be smarter options for Jacksonville.

Photo: The New Yorker


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